2016 Footsies Champion


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13 Responses to 2016 Footsies Champion

  1. partyzantski says:

    Probably has to buy extra wide shoes in Tranny shops…

  2. Angeleyes says:

    I suddenly feel the need for a bearclaw and a strong cuppa Joe for the morning drive.

  3. H says:

    Yup. That runs in my Daddy’s side of the family. Every third or fourth generation, somebody gets six fingers and/or toes, and my generation was due. When I hatched out, Gramma wanted to know how many fingers and toes. I missed it, but one of my cousins got the full meal deal of 24 digits. The doctors corrected it surgically, but I’ve seen the pics taken before hand and his hands looked like bunches of bananas.

  4. Arc says:

    Not disformed either! I like!

  5. I’m oddly excited.

  6. Rich says:

    Why settle for a ’10’ when you can have a ’12’?

  7. Bogdaddy says:

    …this little piggy went to market,
    this little piggy stayed home…

  8. Crotalus says:

    Why the surgery? Does the extra finger or toe get in the way, or is it just cosmetic? I think it looks kinda cool!

  9. Stretch says:

    Gotta be the Florida panhandle. No kidding! Saw a Sweet Young Thing in local ice cream parlor with 6 toes on each foot. Two days later, when taking mother-in-law, saw what I assume was a relative at the hair stylist also with 6 each.

  10. Brian says:

    Does it cost extra to get her nails done?

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