Angel visits Canada


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8 Responses to Angel visits Canada

  1. Ofay Cat says:

    Vancouver has a fucking gaggle of Chinese with money … That is how they drive. For some reason the Chinese are not genetically predisposed to driving. In other words they should stick to bicycles and rickshaws like their homies do back in China. They have no concept of the space around them.

  2. Boots says:

    Fuckin’ prick Canook doesn’t stop filming to help his neighbor? And after he (that was the driver’s wife watching, with rake in hand) does $5000 body and paint damage disingenuously says in a disarming tone of voice “Yeah, he got it in”, like it was a good job.

    What a POS.

    Must really hate Asians.

  3. Just a Chemist says:

    I’d love to hear the backstory on that one, i mean beside the rather drunk condition of the driver.

    • John says:

      This was a kid driving without a liscence, who clipped a park car. He panicked, drove home as quickly as possible, and hammered it into the garage to hide from police. Because of this video circulating on the interwebs, the cops tracked him down pretty quickly. I think he was charged with leaving the scene of an accident and driving without a liscence. Oh, and insurance won’t cover the damage to the car. Or house.

  4. Tom says:

    OK, he got it in. How does he open a door to get out of the car? It looks like a tight squeeze.

  5. Al_in_Ottawa says:

    If you look closely in the first 10 seconds you can see the passenger side front wheel is deflated and pointing to the right even though he is trying to turn left.

  6. Rob in Katy says:

    Well, that right front tire is trashed….

  7. Steve says:

    Thanks for the hint. With that info, I googled it.

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