For assholes like me


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4 Responses to For assholes like me

  1. Greatgeezer says:

    Is this a real product like shitbegone tp?

  2. olds-mo-william says:

    Professional grade, yes, but does it meet mil specs?

  3. Glider Rider says:

    Wirecutter, you need a corn cob wrapped in Barbed wire you hard ass you lol.

  4. Brothers / Brother Mark says:

    Not to be confused with #04 grit sandpaper.

    ByBob Malazoon February 2, 2012

    Size: 24|Verified Purchase

    Decent enough, but doesn’t last long. I blink and another roll is gone. If you’re serious about pooping, look elsewhere.

    None for me thanks, I a serious pooper.

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