A little overdone, I’d say.


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23 Responses to A little overdone, I’d say.

  1. Sword of the Lictor says:

    As if the eyebrows alone weren’t enough to warn “crazy lives here”.

  2. Elmo says:

    I don’t know. She’s still got room on her face for a few dozen more little ones.

  3. Rob says:

    I wonder what she does for a living?

  4. Cederq says:

    I wouldn’t do her even with Wisco Dave’s Raccoon junk… crazy is what crazy does. Rob? more then lickly a cook or chef.. someone who cooks your meals.

  5. Timbo says:

    What a sad looking human.

    • JSW says:

      The word you’re looking for is “pathetic”. But then, I ain’t one to put words in your mouth. :D

      • Timbo says:

        I agree. She is pathetic.
        But she just looks sad, as well as being pathetic.
        Maybe like she has flashes of clear thinking occasionally, and it leaves her feeling foolish for her bad decisions.

        How’s that for reading too much from a pic! Haha.

  6. C.R. says:

    looks like the dude from waynes world

  7. John Parker says:

    Imagine her on the beach at 60.

  8. Miss Lisa says:

    The thing is…if you took all that ink away…and undrew the eyebrows…she is actually a beautiful woman…hmmm, oh wow….she has those loop ear thingys..dang… I know…this is a very strange comment…but ..I wonder what she sees in the mirror….before she did this to herself…and now.

    • Tim says:

      Lisa, you hit the nail on the head. She has self esteem issues, they were the start of her “journey”. I will also say that every time she looks in the mirror she sees the same esteem issues. There is nothing that she can do that will make her feel better.

  9. Mike says:

    That’d make a train take a dirt road.

    • Bunk Strutts says:

      She can start traffic.
      She causes broken clocks to run again.
      She’d turn Bill Clinton gay and Hillary Clinton straight.
      She causes People of Color to refer to themselves as negros.
      She’d gag a buzzard on a gut truck.

  10. Nifter says:

    Fire. Burn it with fire ……….

  11. Brother Mark says:

    Truly beautiful and ugly. I really hate to judge anyone but can say I’m repulsed by the pic. She may be a beautiful person but I can’t see it from here. Sorry. Again, I’d rather hope for the best for her in the form she has taken but don’t want to judge her presentation or life. Poor choices seem to be in her past but she might be good with her chosen lot and future. Who knows. I’ve always had a love for misfits and their protection. Maybe we “regular” people are the misfits. Again, who knows? And, bet you $3.00 you won’t buy me a beer….

    • Miss Lisa says:

      I’d buy you a beer, it’s not for me to judge.

      • Miss Lisa says:

        I meant to add, some hide behind outward alterations…it keeps people away(or simply self protects)….others hide behind pretty bows and hats or suits and ties..the costumes may change but the armour is the same….

        Often times it is important to look past what is on the outside to find the beauty within…most have it….Beauty that is….

        Although admittedly you must be cautious….you may run across a couple of evil people in the process.

  12. idahobob says:

    Ya know, I like ink, but this is just a bit over the top.


  13. emdfl says:

    She’s still trying to figure out why that banking job never came through.

  14. Mile Hi says:

    Schultz’d hit it……

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