Oh, horseshit.


You haven’t been to any of our sites for almost a year? You hit my site every day. Every. Fucking. Day.
Just how stupid do you think your readers are? Remember, you Nervous Holly took me to court 6 months ago (there’s 12 months in a year, ya knucklehead) and pulled out a bunch of my then recent posts in an effort to have my 2A Rights revoked. Every single bit of your so called evidence that you used in your testimony was shit you pulled from my site. Want me to say that one more time? Do you need me to jog your memory? GO HERE, I linked to them to show how far you were digging.
If you haven’t been to my site in a year how did you get the posts? Did your Pipeline send ’em to you? I know he was enjoying the show, “brah”.
Hey, if you’re going to lie, try to remember the ones you told before so they don’t contradict each other, dumbass.
This shit is downright comical, which is why I hit your site weekly – for the grins. See, I ain’t ashamed to admit that.

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8 Responses to Oh, horseshit.

  1. MM says:

    Deeper & deeper the web we weave when we first start to deceive.

    Keeping your bullshit straight is always the problem liars face.

  2. idahobob says:

    Yeah, I go to that idiots site about once a week, also. Just to see what bullshit he and his 3 little elves are spreading about.


  3. Angel says:

    I only go there when someone sends me something and says “you HAVE to read this shit.” Usually, I just ask for the Cliff notes, and go on my merry way.

    Why don’t I go there? It’s not because I don’t want to give him traffic or I’m afraid that what he writes will hurt my widdle feewings or make me into a Nervous Holly. It’s because I just don’t care.

    His opinions have all the force of a gnat fart.

    • Exile1981 says:

      My professional opinion is that he gave me a resume and I read the kind of crap he spouts and the level of delusions he seems to have I’d add his resume to the ‘never hire’ file and give his picture to site sercurity to ensure he never came back through the gate again.

  4. cato says:

    I appreciate all those who have shed light on “Scamming Sammy”.
    I always felt uneasy about his blathering bravado, each of you have confirmed my initial apprehension. “Special K” is piece work, very small, but a piece of work.
    Thanks for your efforts, you’ve saved many from this special scamming snowflake and his lies..

  5. If only he knew what one of those III Person Society members had actually said about him to you, he’d go nuts, huh? Just like him forgetting his “No real man attacks a woman” line. He can’t get keep the BS straight, because there’s too much of it. He was right though. No real man attacks a woman. But then he’s not a real man and he knows it, so I guess in his mind he did nothing wrong.

  6. Glider Rider says:

    And Kerodin’s Kronicles continues. Ahhhh the humor.

  7. Shannon says:

    He is quite the creepy little dude….for sure. Thanks to all that outed the little prick

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