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Summertime in California!!!

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Angel visits Canada


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Yeah, I’d be jumping too if I lived there

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Fresh cut flowers anybody?

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Reaching back a little Further

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A little overdone, I’d say.

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I know somehow, some way, that Angel caused it

AMARILLO, Texas – A head-on collision involving two freight trains caused several box cars to derail and erupt in flames in the Texas Panhandle on Tuesday, injuring an unknown amount of people and leading authorities to evacuate people who live … Continue reading

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Thailand. Has to be.

I’m working on the english spelling of ‘Women’ though.

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More on that baby got back thing

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Hey Sammy

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Gay? Blind? Or recently deceased?

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Ankle deep in vegan shit

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Yes. Yes they are.

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On This Day

In 1888 Writer Robert Louis Stevenson and his family leave San Francisco for their first visit to the South Seas on this day in 1888. Stevenson, an adventurous traveler plagued by tuberculosis, was seeking a healthier climate. The family finally … Continue reading

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They need to get out into the world more often

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Raised up right

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For assholes like me

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The Bieb ain’t as tough as he thought

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Baby got back

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