Reaching back a little Further

merry pranksters

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12 Responses to Reaching back a little Further

  1. WiscoDave says:

    Got me curious so I looked it up. Neat. Thanks.

  2. Old Surfer says:

    Looks like “Further”! Or a reasonable facsimile. Close enough for an acid test.

  3. Old Surfer says:

    It IS ‘Further’!

  4. James Osborne says:

    Reminds me of when a group of people moved from San Francisco to The Farm in Tennessee back around 1971 or so. Was on leave and saw the caravan of buses headed to Tennessee.

  5. robert says:

    Wow it even has a sign on the thing saying its further…ingenious…fuckin hippies

  6. Jesse in DC says:

    I read recently that it still exists, pushed into a swamp on Keseys land. Someone figured it would take 100K to restore it. Be a damn shame if it just rots away.

    • Gnome Sane says:

      “In November 2005 the original 1964 Further was dragged out of the swamp with a tractor and now resides in a warehouse at Kesey’s farm in Oregon, alongside the 1990 Further.”….Wiki

  7. Ray says:

    Looks like its parked behind “Terripin Trailways” or Woofer’s “Green Sardine” back around the time of the “wall of sound”

  8. Sarge says:

    Schlitz beer …. .99 cents a 6 pack ! Drink all day and sit on the pot all nite !

  9. Oregon Rambler says:

    The bus came by and I got on. That’s when it all began….

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