Terror attack in FLA, ‘around’ 20 killed

A suspected Islamic extremist armed with an assault rifle, handgun and an explosive device has shot more than 40 people – killing around 20 – after taking party-goers hostage inside a gay nightclub in Orlando.

An unknown number of people were killed and 42 were taken to hospital after the gunman, believed to be in his 20s, opened fire inside Pulse nightclub.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina says authorities have not determined an exact number of people killed, but that ‘approximately 20’ have died.

An FBI spokesman says the mass shooting is being investigated as an act of terrorism. He says authorities are looking into whether this was an act of domestic or international terror, and if the shooter was a lone wolf.

Police said the gunman was not a local man and the FBI believe he may have ‘leanings to radical Islamic terrorism’.

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39 Responses to Terror attack in FLA, ‘around’ 20 killed

  1. alcade says:

    But don’t you racists dare think we should stop more Muslims from coming into this country!

  2. griffin says:

    Probably will turn out to be a right wing NRA member right?

    • John Smith says:

      Nah – the culprit is “god” – the weapon, religion. Peace be with you.

      LGBT and Islam is influenced by the religious, legal and cultural history of the nations with a sizable Muslim population, along with specific passages in the Quran[1][2] and statements attributed to the Islamic prophet Muhammad (hadith). Hadiths traditionally are not interpreted because their language is understood to be simple matter-of-fact language. Orthodox Islam is not only a system of beliefs, but also a legal system.

      The traditional schools of Islamic law based on Quranic verses and hadith consider homosexual acts a punishable crime and a sin, and influenced by Islamic scholars such as Imam Malik and Imam Shafi.[3] The Qur’an cites the story of the “people of Lot” destroyed by the wrath of God because they engaged in “lustful” carnal acts between men. Nevertheless, homoerotic themes were present in poetry and other literature written by some Muslims from the medieval period onwards and sometimes homoeroticism in the form of pederasty was seen in a positive way.[4]


  3. bogsidebunny says:

    The Liberal media is already loudly whining their “evil gun” chant while softly muttering: “possible radical ties”

  4. James says:

    Yep,if a muslim will be interesting to see how cankles and obola respond,am sure just more gun laws.

    • crazyeighter says:

      Same standard laundry list of proposed legislation that has nothing to do with the incident.

  5. WiscoDave says:

    Hope Alan is OK.

  6. John Smith says:

    From The Daily Mail:

    ‘Islamic extremist’ Omar Mateen, 29, from Florida, shoots dead at least 20 at Florida gay club after bursting in ‘wearing a suicide vest’ and taking hostages – injuring a further 42 – before he is killed

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637414/Everyone-running-Gunman-bursts-gay-nightclub-Florida-shoots-20-people-taking-hostages.html#ixzz4BNKiYU7g

    Live and Let Live – right.

    Now the LGBT Community has a conundrum (a confusing and difficult problem or question.) in it’s hands, as the policies it preaches (tolerance, CO-EXIST) create a condition in which those who profess to practice ISLAM have a mandate to eliminate those who are members of the LGBT Community.

    Unintended consequences, indeed.

    Let them fight it out. Allah will determine the *WINNER*.

  7. AC says:

    I can only presume the left will demand that gay nightclubs be banned to prevent future events like this one, right?

  8. John Smith says:

    More thoughts:

    ‘Islamic extremist’ Omar Mateen, 29, from Florida, shoots dead at least 50 at Florida gay club after bursting in ‘wearing a suicide vest’ and taking hostages – injuring a further 53 – before he is killed

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3637414/Everyone-running-Gunman-bursts-gay-nightclub-Florida-shoots-20-people-taking-hostages.html#ixzz4BNOPqP7S

    It must be noted that the acceptance of the LGBT Community and their practices is Public Policy under the operation of Tolerance and Co-Exist.

    So is the Public Policy of allowing and admitting those who actually practice Islam into the United States.

    So-called Christians also have a Biblical Mandate regarding the LGBT Community as found in scripture.

    So-called Christians have failed to enforce that mandate – and (most) have embraced the position of the LGBT Community.

    Is “god” in action here – allowing practicing Muslims into the United States to do the work which his followers, called Christians, refuse to do?

    And what a dilemma the LGBT Community faces – as that which it preaches will also lead to it’s demise.

    Interesting, indeed.

    • “So-called Christians also have a Biblical Mandate regarding the LGBT Community as found in scripture.”

      Please tell us what this mandate is. Please cite the chapter and verse of your evidence. Since you are referencing “Christians”, only New Testament sources will be allowed.

  9. Boots says:

    Florida public records show shooter is registered Florida Democrat. Full name Omar Mir Siddique Mateen. See here:


    Someone, anyone, everyone who can, should grab a permanent screen shot of this, before the Dems erase it.

    This information is HUGE. It’s a potential BOMBSHELL for use against Obama, Hillary, and every other Muslim appeaser who wants to keep bringing these animals into the USA. Here’s how.

    This info can – and should – be used to paint EVERY Democrat supporter of Muslim immigration to America as unpatriotic animals who care more about being PC and thereby staying in office, instead of saving American lives by keeping fanatical Muslim murderers out of America.

    Let not the murders of innocent Americans by Muslim murderers be in vain. The Democrat party MUST BE tied and connected to this Islamic terrorist who murdered 20 Americans on American soil. The Democrat party MUST BE declared responsible for these murders by being an accomplice to the importation of Muslims to America.

    Now’s the time to stick them in the eye. Remember what Raul Emmanuel said? “Let no crisis go to waste”.

    Let’s not waste this one.

  10. Russell says:

    Gunman killed in shootout with cops ID’d as Omar Mateen, 29, of Afghan origin living in Florida

  11. Bryn says:

    My 1st reaction when I saw the news : “I wonder how the obungler will convincingly & publicly sympathise with the victims (special interest group du jour…) here while still making excuses for the mooslime murderer & islam (protected group, lifelong loyalty….)”

    I suspect that any sympathy for the real victims (the dead & injured in the club) will be tarnished by references to the “religion of peace”, and how this incident does not represent true mooslimes…

  12. Chish says:

    Wonder how many of the patron’s cars were sporting that chic “coexist” bumper sticker?

  13. KC says:

    And I’ll put money on it that during the Chiefs briefing, he was silently praying to Allah that this was a right wing gay hating extremist.

  14. Alexander says:

    Hell of a killing, death toll is 50 now. Meanwhile, at the border…

  15. Grandpa says:

    Well, if those naughty guns would stop forcing people to pick them up and take them places, things like this wouldn’t happen. Naughty guns should be locked up. Only good guns – like the ones that have police officers carry them around, should be allowed out.
    But the naughty guns…. people need to remember that guns are not inanimate objects, they have thoughts and ideas all their own. They simply need to find a compliant person to pick them up and take them to do their bad things…

  16. Lantry says:

    Seems like just a week or two ago that the blogs were warning that Isis was calling for terror attacks in the US right about now. So we have this in Orlando and it looks like another one was about to happen in California but its not about religion. He was a muslim and a registered democrat. It was about one or the other.

  17. StBernardnot says:

    I’m lookin’ &lookin’ & lookin’ & I can’t find my “give a shit”.

    • K. says:

      My give a shit, lies in that the antis will fletch with feathers, sharpen the point and add this sequined sparkling shiny arrow to their quiver. Oppressing a “minority” group doesn’t sit well with the public in the 2000s. Mildly pro-2A friendly folks can more easily swayed into being ok with “commonsense” gun control when it’s “for the children” or another another “protected class” of minority citizens.

      • StBernardnot says:

        You don’t understand my position. I don’t care. I’ve listened to this anti gun crap for so long it doesn’t even register anymore. I carry a .45 everywhere I go and may God have mercy on anyone that tries to take it. I won’t. Get that attitude & you will find it quite liberating.

  18. ed357 says:

    A moslem, a homosexual, and a feminist walk into a bar…..

  19. tfA-t says:

    False Flag.

  20. K. says:

    Flame suit on(pun intended),

    Politically speaking though, now would be the time to go all hearts and minds and suck up any dislike any of us might have, and reach out to and show some forms of support to the gay culture/community.

    Here me out. I’m not gay and don’t even have any real close gay friends(a couple aquaintences maybe), but I can tell you one damned thing about gay folk. They are determined, and organized and pretty damned good at the whole social/culture warrior game and as “alternate lifestyle citizens” can use their social capital to trump(no pun intended) the race/minority card.

    Unless your religious convictions just can’t allow you to, now is the time to have a dialog with the gay community and tactfully if possible, introduce them to the self defense & pro-2A side of the gun debate.

    It’s all about numbers. Yes, we’ve got that wonderful enumerated second amendment(which obviously has and is being infringed upon, regardless of the “shall not be infringed” wording). Mass public acceptance or disapproval end up shaping through elections and appointments, laws and even amendments as well as the interpretation and level of enforcement of said laws and the Constitution. The left(and yes, that usually means Antiguan) breed and reproduce faster folks, pure and simple. Add to that, the fact that “free entitlements” are a hell of a carrot to dangle in front of the uninformed, uneducated, the uncaring and the recently arrived(legal and otherwise, immigrants). The party of gun control, dole out carrots in hopes of leaving the masses with little more than pointy sticks(defensive stick regulations would surely soon follow). Progun groups are going to need to learn they’ll have to recruit to a broader spectrum if they wish to remain relevant, efficient and successful.

    I know this line of thinking may not be warmly received by a lot of the conservative religious right leaning pro-2A crowd. I’m not religious, I am pro-2A. I don’t really give a F’ who anyone else finds attractive and wants to fornicate with or whether it’s a choice or genetic, as far as I’m concerned and as long as I’m not involved, it’s none of my business. If a LGBTwhatever is also RKBA, they can be an ally, an ally with a voice that can speak and actually be heard in circles where the typical straight white male voice is often at best, ignored and frequently unilaterally and intrinsically resisted with extreme prejudice…

  21. K. says:

    In the Pro-2A, Pro-gun, RKBA, III%, community, the 12th of June, should officially become “take a gay acquaintance to the range and introduce them to the Liberty that is the right and ability of self defense”, day.

  22. Boots says:

    POS, lying scum Obama. He said it wasn’t just a terrorist act, it was also an “act of hate”. Fucker ain’t foolin’ me. He’s trying to focus attention away from the act of an Islamic terrorist act by claiming it was just as much, if not more, an anti-gay act.

    Someone ought to tear that asshole a new asshole on live TV by noting that all terrorist acts have hatred as partial or whole motivation. Omar Muteen wasn’t motivated by hatred for homosexuals. He was motivated by zealousness for Islam.


    ISIS is throwing homosexual men off multi-story buildings because they say the Koran and/or Hadith condemns homosexuality. In murdering these homosexuals ISIS is fulfilling a requirement of their religion, Islam. In murdering 50 Americans at a gay bar, Omar Muteen was fulfilling the same Islamic requirement. In other words, Omar Muteen was motivated by Islam, not by hatred for homosexuals.

    That sounds like splitting hairs but it ain’t. If Islam didn’t forbid homosexuality Isis wouldn’t be executing homosexuals in the Middle East, and neither would Omar in Orlando, FL.

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