The Flags of Antietam

I got this via email from Alexander. It’s not a lengthy piece but it is moving. I’d suggest bookmarking the link for when you have 15 minutes or so to reflect on the history and remnants of the flags.

The Civil War Trust has partnered with leading Civil War flag conservancies and military museums to present to you this selection of authentic Civil War flags that flew with units that fought at the Battle of Antietam.  The flags are presented in rough chronological order – showcasing these remarkable artifacts that were prized by men who carried them into the maelstrom of Antietam.

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6 Responses to The Flags of Antietam

  1. formwiz says:

    All hand-done, too.

    It was all personal back then.

  2. bison guy says:

    Gettysburg gets all the press, but Antietam is the single bloodiest day in war for America. Very highly recommended to go see the corn field, bloody lane, the sunken road, etc. It just blows me away thinking of the death in such a small area. They have a wonderful display of cannon at the visitors center showing all the different kinds of rifling as rifled cannon we just be refined.

  3. Andrew says:

    Perfectly good day and now you’ve got me bawling like a little kid, darned it.

    Ancestor in 5th Ohio and in Confederate Navy (blockade runner).

    Thanks for finding this.

    • Andrew says:

      To unconfuse, I meant I had one ancestor fight under the 5th Ohio and one ancestor who was a blockade runner out of west Louisiana (and also fought on foot as an artillerist later in the war).

      But still, Wirecutter, dude, you find the most heartpulling things to put on your blog. Thanks.

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