Cancer for profit – according to Kerodin

Evidently Mike isn’t dying fast enough to suit Kerodin.

Still attacking a dying man. Classy. And just nasty/ugly.

Kerodin’s “Igor,” the psychopath douche who trolls under the handle “Cav Med,” and some other steaming stool sample signing as “Not an Imaginary Friend” are now insinuating this is all some grand scheme to solicit donations, and that rather than the medication regimen prolonging life and providing more periods of alertness, Mike (and I by default) must be scamming supporters — after all, he said he was going to be dead by now!

You can tell they’re total cowards because they attack real people from the shadows while masking their own identities from even virtual repercussions, making it fair to wonder who they really are, who they really serve, and even, as has been suggested to me, if they’re not just alter egos of convenience.

But, full confession: Mike may have been wrong with me about his prognosis, too. I spoke with him yesterday, and he pronounced it was going to be his last day of life based on how he felt. I haven’t spoken with him today, but I haven’t heard anything either.

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14 Responses to Cancer for profit – according to Kerodin

  1. WiscoDave says:

    Can’t say I’d shed a tear if kerodin beat him to the grave.

  2. Andrew says:

    Some people just need a shovel to the back of their head.

    I don’t even know the twatwaffle and his tres amidiots, but damn, I want to bust their collective heads.

  3. Jack Crabb says:

    That Sammy led circlejerk has neither a brain cell, nor a testicle between them. Sad excuses of males and a waste of human protoplasm and oxygen.

  4. pigpen51 says:

    I use a fake name here, only because my wife is a little nervous and I wish too protect her. If anyone wants to know who I am and my address, they only have to ask, and I would be happy to tell them. I am also not hard to find, if anyone wanted to bad enough. But I don’t hide because I am a pussy who tries to hurt other people, steal money from friends, tear down the good name of those who have more character in their big toe than I have in my entire body, or simply have a higher opinion of myself than I should.
    Basically what I am saying is, won’t this jackass just go away? His dog and pony show has gone on for way too long, and everyone is getting tired of it.

  5. Tom W. says:

    The old adage from the old TV show cartoon Fat Albert comes to mind. Especially with a buffoon like Sammy.
    Rerun told a character “Your like school in July, no class.”

    Sammy is a classless whiny bitch that has no decorum or even a shred of human dignity. Mike is dying. God will call him home when He sees fit. Kinda on a personal note, my Dad entered the hospital in October 2012, diagnosed with stage 4 throat and lung cancer (never smoked), and died November 18th the same year.

    1 month. And he was gone. 64 years old. For this post to carry to a dying man is more proof of a petty, impotent, little man of inadequate means.

    Decorum prohibits me from venting to this assclown. Just know there is NO shred of decency in this miscreant clown. I give Okie trailer trash more stature.

  6. warhorse says:

    it is really a damn shame that dueling was made illegal. classless bastards like K had a motivation to shut the hell up, lest someone’s kin challenge them on the field of honor.

    of course, lacking honor, K wouldn’t show up.

    side note..I wonder if they make fake dueling pistols in blue? he wouldn’t be allowed to handle a real one….

  7. The Notorious Mrs. D. says:

    This is the act of a truly despicable human being, no surprise there. Truly classless.

  8. Randy says:

    So Sammy faults the guy for fighting his cancer and extending his life?? What a douche nozzle.
    I’m fighting the hell out of my stage 4 cancer, with conventional and unconventional means. So far, I feel great and am living life like a fully functioning, healthy wild heathen.
    It’s kind of funny how being terminally ill changes ones perspectives and priorities. Make one give less than a fuck what anyone has to say about most anything. There are a few exceptions, though.
    Come see me, Kerodin. Full name and address on request. Crazy cancer man fears NOTHING!

    • wes says:

      Hey Randy,

      I’ve been wondering how you were doing and am glad to read of the positives for you in the midst of your health battle. Here’s to continued hoping for the best for you.


      • Randy says:

        Thanks Wes!
        Yeah, I still feel like a million bucks. The question is for how long.
        For now, I’m just living it up- raising hell in my 400 HP car and Harley, drinking, smoking dope and screwing as many lady friends as possible.
        It helps having a way cool and understanding wife. Of course, she gets to act the same way, but it’s all good.
        I’m going to go out with my boots on and a big smile on my face!
        About to try some new unconventional treatment methods to go along with what the docs give me. You never know- so far I’ve proved to be too mean (or crazy, or stupid) to die!!

  9. CC says:

    Patience, my friends – asshats like K always have a way of fucking themselves, either by one of their hair-brained schemes, or when they get to the point where their once closest allies will have nothing to do with them – it’s already started.

    • Wirecutter says:

      His closest allies started deserting him in droves about a year and a half ago and he still tries to keep up the charade of being ‘the man that gets things done’ with thousands and thousands of readers per day – when the stats show maybe a few hundred a day and his actions show nothing gets done.

  10. Jack says:

    It takes a gutless fucking waste of oxygen pussy to do something like this to a dying man.

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