Does the name Rayda Yearout mean anything to you?

If you invested in the citadel, it should – according to our sources in St Maries, she’s now the primary owner of the 20 acres that Sammy bought for that project.
Yup, there goes your dream. With her being the primary owner, nothing happens on that property that she doesn’t approve of. Y’all just lost out to the man that ‘gets things done’.
I hate to be the one that broke the news to you but somebody had to do it – and you know that Sammy wouldn’t be the one.

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28 Responses to Does the name Rayda Yearout mean anything to you?

  1. Odgreen says:

    Ken, I have pretty much stayed quiet on this but just have to say how wonderful it is to watch you dismantle this guys fantasy “empire”.
    You have a great talent for searching out the things that flesh out the scene. MDT is also quite thorough in presenting the facts with documentation.
    I feel pity for the ones who cling to him, if they are even real and not just a product of his imagination and too many Mac Bolen novels!

  2. Angel says:

    But if you still want to live on the land you “bought” into, you can buy it again from her real estate company (founded just after she purchased majority control of the land).

  3. AnonForOpsec says:

    I seem to remember a little red tractor with a dozer blade having been in the mix. Sure would be interesting to know if that’s still parked behind the dojo. By the way, this is where the “Citadel Project” link takes you if’n ya click on it……

  4. LimaDelta says:

    That isn’t another fake name that Special K and Co aren’t using, right? I could see them taking all those material and monetary donations and investing in a “dream home”…

  5. Exile1981 says:

    So who is she?

  6. Larkins says:

    No surprise here, Sammy found out that managing 20 acres of timber land is a little too hard on his soft pink hands. I wonder what he did with that tractor, if it was just a rental or what. Those things ain’t cheap.

    Of course now Sammy is trying to make his money buy scratching III on shitty items and reselling them. The latest is a $10 cheap knife that he’s trying to sell for $80. I’m sure he justifies the markup as helping to fund the causes of rightful liberty (ie paying his cable bill).

  7. Wait, you mean the property he says this about,
    “A group of dedicated III Percent Patriots have secured a location deep in the American Redoubt that will serve as a muster point and safe zone for III Patriots who must Bug Out of their particular AOs when SHTF. We call our refuge SHTF Camp. We call the mountain upon which the Camp is located Liberty Mountain.

    The SHTF Camp is situated on a highly defensible mountaintop in northern Idaho, well off the major lines of attack. The Camp will serve as a safe haven for select III Patriots. Cabins, caches of preps, camp sites, RV hook-ups, a community building, WiFi, and all the essentials that will be necessary in a Grid Down event or similar disaster. The III Patriots in Camp will be Tribe – protecting one another and taking care of one another until the world becomes safe once more.

    If you are a III Patriot who believes in Thomas Jefferson’s Rightful Liberty, and you would like to be considered for a place in Camp for yourself and your family, contact us. The III Patriots who manage the Camp can help you secure a storage vault and cache for your essentials, reserve a spot for your RV or camp site, or get your cabin set and ready for the Evil that this way comes.

    You and your family can do more than merely survive the chaos and dangers that are imminent when the collapse begins. You can prevail.”
    I wonder if Rayda knows about all these people coming to her property?

  8. Anonfornow says:

    We’re talking about a dry, windy steep mtnside in N Idaho with no infrastructure, barely a flat pad, with a shed on it. Its not really passable as a home site. AFAIK, Rayda is the old lady who inherited the land and is subdividing, she owns most of that mtn, everything done there goes through her, not that shes a bad person at all, thats just how it works on any rural mtn side. All this means is K is probably out of loot cause his dojo doesnt have enough customers to pay his bills (its just a handful of kids ateending when i was there) and he had to sell back, thru whatever front he was using to control it, the land he acquired with yalls money to be a beachhead for “citadel”.

    Ive been avoiding getting involved in this, although it has truly disgusted me. Ive been thinking of doing a write up as its about the year anniversary since i crossed paths with the citadel crew. Its a shame as it makes good folks look bad. Before i do anymore bitching i should praise some folks i met through that experience so here goes a dose of positive:

    If you run across “Lineman” in any comments in the blogosphere, hes met me, ive met him and that is a GOOD MAN. I can not praise him enough and I will not talk his personals here, but i bet he feels the same as i do about the whole K thing. Ill say it again, there are good real patriots, lineman is one, love that guy and his fam.

    K has his ripoffs, whatever, ok, but im most pissed about how he demoralized real good folks who need to connect. I know cause im one of them.

  9. pigpen51 says:

    That is the worst thing about all of this, that Sammy has hurt good, decent folks. Patriots who just wanted to make a difference and perhaps look out for their families. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. I am sure that his name is known far and wide. The hell of it is, knowing how the III % movement people are, if he were truly contrite, and came crawling back apologizing, for real, people would forgive him, that is just the kind of people they are. They might never trust him again, but Patriots tend to be a different kind than Sammy. Of course it would never happen, because he is right and everyone else is the bad seed.
    Keep on your toes and keep your powder dry, patriots, because I expect things to happen soon. I might just be a pessimist, but the times they are a changin.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Yeah, I can see folks forgiving him for most things – except talking shit about our women. That’s pretty much unforgivable in decent folk’s eyes.

  10. I’ve always had a pretty amazing BS detector. When I first heard about the Citadel I thought is was an interesting idea plus the proposed location for this *scheme* is in my backyard. I’m not a *joiner* or a *follower” myself but being well versed in doom porn I could certainly understand the desire for such a thing. Still, I was curious and as previously mentioned, I simply googled names I found associated with the *scheme* and discovered Scammy was a convicted felon who had changed his name. My BS detector was on full tilt and I did not bother looking any further into the *scheme*.

    Since then, in thinking about why we never have any decent candidates running for office, I’ve come to the conclusion that freedom and liberty loving people simply have no desire to control others. It seems to me that one hallmark of anyone calling themselves a libertarian SHOULD be the lack of any desire to control others. I don’t know much about the so called III% because as I’ve said, I’m not a joiner or a follower but it seems to me that many claiming the III% title or affiliation are libertarian minded folks and this is apparent in their actions.

    Scammy, and others like him do not strike me as libertarian in the least bit because all they seek is power and control. Their actions, even superficially, are not congruent with their words. This proves their claims of being III% to be a lie.

  11. AnonForOpsec says:

    Seems poor little Sammy has been picked on in the past. Just to put current events into proper perspective……

  12. The Hessian says:

    Perhaps I am a bit slow, but is the “Citadel” land now on the market? Is this the same as the Jed-bur-ah Academy or is that a different parcel? Or is the Academy, III Arms, et al, currently split between the failing kiddie dojo and his basement?

    Wondering if this is a signal he is moving on, or simply divesting himself for legal and/or tax reasons.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I think that when the IIIPS folded and donations quit coming in, they had to sell off a part of their interest in the land to support themselves.
      Sammy has always maintained that those 20 acres were not the site for the citadel but was to be used as an admin site or whatever he wants to call it – but… they don’t have the cash or credit to purchase the property they need to build the citadel – not that they ever intended to.

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