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We’re talking about a dry, windy steep mtnside in N Idaho with no infrastructure, barely a flat pad, with a shed on it. Its not really passable as a home site. AFAIK, Rayda is the old lady who inherited the land and is subdividing, she owns most of that mtn, everything done there goes through her, not that shes a bad person at all, thats just how it works on any rural mtn side. All this means is K is probably out of loot cause his dojo doesnt have enough customers to pay his bills (its just a handful of kids ateending when i was there) and he had to sell back, thru whatever front he was using to control it, the land he acquired with yalls money to be a beachhead for “citadel”.

Ive been avoiding getting involved in this, although it has truly disgusted me. Ive been thinking of doing a write up as its about the year anniversary since i crossed paths with the citadel crew. Its a shame as it makes good folks look bad. Before i do anymore bitching i should praise some folks i met through that experience so here goes a dose of positive:

If you run across “Lineman” in any comments in the blogosphere, hes met me, ive met him and that is a GOOD MAN. I can not praise him enough and I will not talk his personals here, but i bet he feels the same as i do about the whole K thing. Ill say it again, there are good real patriots, lineman is one, love that guy and his fam.

K has his ripoffs, whatever, ok, but im most pissed about how he demoralized real good folks who need to connect. I know cause im one of them.


First and most important things first:
I’ve heard nothing but good about Lineman and the dealings I’ve had with him have reinforced that.

Secondly: We knew he was out of money – he admitted HERE that we were affecting his income – not the IIIPS’s income, his.
There’s a lot of shit that was donated or given to him to further the cause of Liberty – dojo equipment, comms, night vision devices, scopes, a sniper rifle, etc etc. And how much of it do you think he still has? We’ll never know because he won’t even acknowledge receiving the equipment for the kiddie dojo, not even a thank you.

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  1. Angel says:

    The word from the good reporters at the St. Maries Gazette-Record is that the kiddie dojo would enroll students, take the parents’ money, have a couple of classes and then for whatever reason cancel the rest of the sessions after the “refund” deadline was up (probably at the end of Sammy’s passable knowledge). There are some very disgruntled parents in St. Maries, ID.

    • Wirecutter says:

      The man that gets things done manages to piss people off everywhere he goes, huh?

    • “Probably at the end of Sammy’s passable knowledge” He could only learn so much from Youtube.

    • Anonfornow says:

      I attended a few classes at K’s dojo. Theres no special equipment in there. Whoever paid for stuff, thats not where it went. Its just a small, plain room with kitchen and bath. I doubt the loggers in st maries need anyone to teach them how to fight. He was teaching kids, but very few.

      Idaho winter sucks. I doubt K will make it through another in st maries if his finances arent right. I wouldnt be surprised if he moves in with one of a couple allies he has there.

  2. deborah harvey says:

    read ‘diary of a right wing pussy cat’.
    israeli expert foretells moslem attacks in america including idaho and rural sites.

  3. Guy Stumpman says:

    What’s a felon doing having a sniper rifle??? Isn’t that illegal?

  4. Grandpa says:

    Ken… you, Miss Lisa, and Angel have had limited but I believe “real” correspondence with me – and I believe the truth and honesty in that correspondence gives some trust in what we say – and I will say this: my brother, Lineman; is one of the finest men and truest patriots I’ve met in a lot of decades on this planet. It was conversation with him; by email, phone, and then in person – about what we shared as belief; about God, country, family, tribe, community, and being a patriot – and all that means. Lineman actually IS a man who gets things done, without fanfare and bullshit or the desire to be ‘king’ lol. I won’t say more than that, but I will tell anyone who needs to know – he’s a man who’s word is his bond. And to any out there – like Kerodin, whose fucking name doesn’t even deserve to be on the same planet with Lineman – to get to him you have to get past me. And you won’t. Although I fucking wish you’d try. I’ve got Lineman covered.
    God bless us all in the coming noise. – stormfriend sends

    • Anonfornow says:

      I only brought it up cause i met lineman at Patcon organized by K and i saw lineman comment somewhere when this whole shit storm started to blow that he felt awful about it. He felt tricked like i did. He was tricked because he is an honest man. It works like that, regrettably. And if i was gonna criticize the crap, i felt obligated to praise someone who deserves it. Hes not the only deserving one i met there.

      So for all the bad feelings about K, im glad i went to that patcon cause i got to meet the lineman fam. He inspired me. I have a deeper appreciation of the value of christianity not by what he said but by his and his family’s example.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Allow me to butt in here.
        You know what?
        My respect for Lineman and Anonfornow and Grandpa and the others that were convinced later, for whatever the reason, is outrageous. You folks were the hangers-on, the hard ones to convince. I knew that when we raised enough questions that y’all would see what we were trying to convey. You folks were the ones we wanted to convince and the thing is, we knew you would see what we were talking about because you are intelligent people. It was just a matter of ringing a certain bell.
        I also want to say that I noticed when Sammy started talking shit about the women, y’all were the ones that stayed conspicuously silent. The code of Chivalry. Gentlemen, you were, Men of the highest caliber. God bless you.

  5. Bigg Ale says:

    Ha! I just clicked on “The Citadel Project” on Pinky hands page and it redirected me to Google Mail! Sammy the Buffoon has failed again!

  6. Ray says:

    I’ll say it again: THE ONLY WAY two convicted felons could get away with all the documented felony’s , (State AND Federal) that “Sam and Holly”(not their real names) pull on a DAYLY basis is if they had been “set up” in Idaho by the FBI as an “under cover opp.”. They are FBI , C.O.’s. Their are what? 50 people working to “dig up dirt” and send them to prison, and the US Att. won’t even listen to ANY of it? That’s because the federals already KNOW exactly what’s going on and have from day one .This is the same BS the FBI pulled with the KKK , the Branch Davidian’s, WAR, the ANP and any other group marked as “extremist” for AT LEAST the last fifty years. From what I just read, the “Kerodin” U.C.O. is still pulling in “IIIper’s. So as far as the feds are concerned ,its working. You can bet that the moment the feds fold this tent, “sam and holly” will be “arrested” given new names and relocated. Just like “Arctic Patriot” was when he ratted out his militia group. From all the time and emotion wasted on “sam and holly” (NOT their real names) by the III%, I’d say this federal undercover and sting is working just fine. You Don’t think so? Just watch and see how long it takes for the “credible sources” JC Dodge is “hearing from” to dry up and then just stop. No SIR they will not only NOT go back to prison. They will get a fat reward and new names for all of their hard work.

    • Wirecutter says:

      And I disagree with you 100 percent. If you saw how sloppy and full of bullshit their case against me was in their restraining order and lawsuit you’d have to agree. If they were federal informants, their case would’ve been airtight – their handlers would’ve seen to that to shut me up. Think about that for a second – if he was a federal informant, do you honestly think the feds would’ve let me and my friends continue to expose him and drive his followers away? Fuck no, we’d have been reached out to and told to leave him the fuck alone.
      Not only that, I’ve posted his stats and it clearly shows where his hits have nosedived to where he hardly has any readers or followers. The IIIPS has folded to the point that when he announced general elections in December, he couldn’t get anybody to run for anything. He is not a player and he doesn’t have enough information on anybody to be a rat.
      And I don’t know where you got ’50 people working to dig up dirt’ from – I’d put that figure at about a half dozen or so.
      Nope, I think he’s a con man with illusions of grandeur – nothing more, nothing less. But that’s my opinion. You have yours, I have mine.

      • AlphaDelta says:

        Just as a casual observer, I agree with you 100%, Wirecutter. Had Scammy and “Holly” had the where-with-all of Federal pull, they would’ve not attempted to smear you and Mrs. Angel, like they did. They, the Federales, would’ve just slam-dunked asses, not the chickenshit game of playing the Race Card and, calling someone a stalker, which both were unmerited and unwarranted. That was pure weak sauce. Scammy is a low-rent snake oil salesman. “Holly” *thinks* she married up in life – both are clueless and deserve each other. In other words, as my father used to say, “at least they aren’t out there fucking-up two other life’s.”

        • Wirecutter says:

          Spot on except for one thing – Angel is not my wife. She’s good friends with me and my wife, but she lives in Texas, Lisa and I live in Tennessee.
          She’s somebody’s missus, just not mine.

    • “THE ONLY WAY two convicted felons could get away with all the documented felony’s , (State AND Federal) that “Sam and Holly”(not their real names) pull on a DAYLY basis”
      “Two” convicted felons?
      “All the documented felony’s…on a DAILY basis.”
      By all means take us to “Felony school” Ray, and tell us what you’ve seen in your investigation. I didn’t realize you were even involved in “investigating” them. If so, why haven’t you weighed in? Too scared the Feds will “get cha”?
      As Kenny said, if they were workin’ for the feds, they’d have burned him in court (especially with the P.O. effectively taking his guns). They didn’t even show up for the lawsuit, which is definitely the mark of a Fed snitch (The State Judge dismissed it “With Prejudice” and that’s a big deal). Hell, they’d have had an even easier time burning me because my issue would have been administrative (being fired or severely disciplined), and I would not have even had the chance to be heard in court.
      “Just watch and see how long it takes for the “credible sources” JC Dodge is “hearing from” to dry up and then just stop.”
      Are you questioning whether they are credible sources or that I’ve actually heard from them? Generally, putting quotes around words in that context denotes a sense of incredulity concerning the validity of the “in quotes” statement.
      As to them “drying up”, it ain’t gonna happen. First, they’re doing their thing separate from anything Kenny or I have done, and just needed sources about the info I already posted. Second, I did not know them before they contacted me, but I knew of them and also knew their stellar rep.
      By all means, give us the “Low down”.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Yeah, I didn’t catch the part about ‘two convicted felons’. Thanks for pointing that out.
        As far as I know, Holly has never been convicted of a felony.

        • Grandpa says:

          I think Nervous Holly’s biggest ‘felony’ is putting her faith and trust into a pale pink boy named Sam. Er, Chris. Um, Hyman. Or, Kerodin. Whoever. She might be a felon, she might not. He for sure as fuck is, and the fact that good, honest, hardworking people were duped by them is the reason we will ride his punk ass into ignominy.
          Oh, and Scammy? I’m moving north, out of the desert; to live in a nice community of like minded people; close to a dear friend and brother – who is a true man, true patriot, and does not lie.
          Sleep light, motherfucker.
          And for the information of your “followers” – talk shit all you want. Your opinion makes me laugh, as does your idiotic “what did you do for the cause of liberty this week?” posts. Clowns. And yes, although seldom mentioned – this includes you, ‘Miss V’… (a hundred yards and a heart attack)
          Disrespectful of your elders, and betters? Yes. Yes, you are.

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