JC takes Short Sammy down another couple notches


I was a member of the Board of Directors of the IIIPS when Kerodin proposed that pay scale and can verify what JC says is true. I can also attest to the fact that when he brought up salary for the board members, every one of us that were on the board said that we would work for free and to put our wages back into the organization. We weren’t in it for the money.

Now when you read the post, pay attention to this part:

Why? I’ll tell you why, because Christian Y and Sandman (the ones I know about) told Kerodin they wanted nothing else to do with him or his IIIPSFA after the incidents involving the Courtland Grojean BS and the stuff with Kenny Lane at KMLA, and to remove their group names from his sidebar. Poor Fairy K had to take down his “Alliances” sidebar.

Then be sure to read the comments. You’ll see where Sandman himself commented and did not refute that.

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5 Responses to JC takes Short Sammy down another couple notches

  1. Andrew says:

    He fucking thinks he deserves to be paid as a Colonel in the US Army? Oh, my lord. And Holly, what is she, the friggin coffee Major to his Commanding Officer? What the hell?

    And how many people voted to pay people salaries? VOTED TO PAY SALARIES FOR A VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION? GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!

    He voted to become the government, the very thing he said he hates. Crock full of shit.

    How quickly after that decision did you bail from that shit?

    Sure signs that it has become a scam. People start getting paid.

    Same thing happens to charities. Decent charity gets set up, people do everything for free, stuff gets done. Soon the admins start getting paid to do nothing. Soon all the funds meant to help start going straight into someone’s pockets.

    This shit is the reason I don’t support the March of Dimes. They have a friggin 737 as a corporate jet. Their people get paid big huge money to butt-suck up to rich turds in order to get more money for elaborate parties and scams. And they fuck the people they are supposed to help.

    United Way is the same way. Won’t even wear a free t-shirt from those assholes.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Um, none of us voted for anybody to be paid. There was no voting on that ‘Board of Directors’. What Sammy wanted Sammy got. That’s why we all quit.
      The only thing he backed down from was when he wanted to install that POS Paul Lemmon as the III Chaplain and I think he did that only because he knew every one of us that had a blog would immediately and loudly go public with it. Even then it wasn’t without a fight – it was only after JC Dodge told him (and I quote) “Not just no, but HELL NO!!!”

      • Andrew says:

        Man, what a clusterfuck. Sounds like you guys chose great restraint in not beating his ass, or gutting him like a trout.

        Sorry for assuming you guys voted, sometimes my anger overwrites my reading comprehension, and, boy, is this one angry day or what?

        God, I wonder how much he scammed from everyone?

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