Kerodin’s fantasies



Let’s see, no real overhead, no physical product to show, no business property – it’s all on paper. But they claim to bring in 1-5 million annually and have 10 or 20 (They don’t know how many?) employees. Shit, with that kind of revenue why in the world would they need to solicit donations from anybody?
Only thing is, Sammy and Nervous Holly can’t even pay their own damned bills and they live in a dump, so I think that the above company statement is bullshit just like everything else they’ve put forth – I mean, look at the citadel with John Parker Green and the school and shops and armory and condos. That was what he put out and look what he’s got – 20 acres at the end of Cherry Creek road which is a rough dirt road with a single shed at the end of it – if it hasn’t been sold yet.
III Arms was another project of his. They can’t even find a fucking 07 smith to work with them and have resorted to buying the cheapest accessories they can find, putting a III Arms logo on it and then selling it at a huge markup online and at gun shows. Think Rothco airsoft junk and Thermold magazines here.
Or how about the Short Bus which was supposed to be outfitted with all kinds of high speed comms to bring you all the latest happenings at ‘hotspots’ (one of Kerodin’s favorite words) like Bundyville or Mahler or Burns or the RNC. In reality, nobody knows where the fucking Short Bus is and Kerodin won’t answer questions from people like me who donated towards it about why it wasn’t used – he only says it was an ‘executive decision’ not to deploy it.
Then there was the dojo that he solicited donations to outfit. According to neighboring businesses, it’s not open and nobody can recall if it ever was open. But he took donations to outfit it. Actually, he created a wishlist at Amazon and let people buy stuff for it. The only thing is, he was fixing to move across the country, yet instead of having it shipped to his destination to save moving costs, he had it shipped to his home – and according to Amazon’s return policy if something that was gifted is returned, the money goes to the gift recipient instead of the donor. Wanna take a scientific wild ass guess as to what I think happened to the dojo equipment?
Or how about the Jedburgh Academy? Another flop in spite of the chalet type building he was going to build to house it.
He rants and raves about people that take the King’s Coin yet all he’s done is take your coin and hasn’t delivered you a damned thing to show for it.
And God help you if you question him about your donation – You’ll go from being a great Patriot to a Enemy of Liberty in about 2.5 seconds. He’ll call your employer and make false allegations, he’ll file a restraining order and sue you and when that doesn’t work he’ll insult your women trying to get you to make a threat against him so he can call the law on you for threatening him.
And yet he keeps up his fantasy about being the man ‘that gets things done’.

And to that end, here’s Miss Lisa’s comment on this:

I really hate to ruin a good song on his dumbness….but here ya go dude…this one’s for you!

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20 Responses to Kerodin’s fantasies

  1. Lisa Lane says:

    I really hate to ruin a good song on his dumbness….but here ya go dude…this one’s for you!

  2. Exile1981 says:

    Not defending scammy, but those registries for companies ask you to pick a box. So 10-20 for employees. The one before it is usually 1-9, after would be 21-50 etc.

    Those services are free to list on but charge for and advanced listing. That is the free listing. I never use those services since they never purge out old listings.

    I suspect that particular one is from his days of trying to enrich himself from the medieval re-enactment crowd.

  3. Angel says:

    Or he calls you an insecure redheaded ho. Which, I guess, isn’t bad if that’s the absolute worst slur someone can sling at me.

  4. Andrew says:

    Oh, to have the money to afford to have a bunch of people to go to his town, stand on the other side of the road, and point and laugh at him. For days. For weeks if possible. Every time he pokes his little turtle head out, people point and laugh. Point and laugh at his house/trailer/hole in the ground. Point and laugh at his business. Point and laugh at his bitch.

    Shame them everywhere they go.

    That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

    • You’re assuming he’s even still in the town………….

    • gamegetterII says:

      While that could be entertaining,as MDT said below-you’re assuming he’s still in town.

      My guess is he took whatever funds were left from the IIIPSFA,and the plethora of ongoing III “projects” and left town.
      Living in “the boonies” with no real steady source of income-like a weekly paycheck from an actual job-gets old fast.
      Just a guess-but if Sammy is the HVAC mechanic he claimed he is-then they either went back to the DC metro area,or the nearest city that is big enough to have steady work for those in the trade.
      Just pure conjecture on my part-but my guess is Sammy left town a while ago.

      • Wirecutter says:

        Coure de Alene – or however they spell it. I’ll bet you money.

        • gamegetterII says:

          Coeur d’Alene is a city of about 50,000.
          I don’t think it’s big enough for an outsider to get a HVAC job,chances are you gotta be related to someone,by blood or marriage,or have been a laborer who worked his way up to get a HVAC job there.

  5. Cherry Creek road huh? Beautiful area and less than an hour away. Might be a fun afternoon exploring that area sometime soon. Maybe I’ll run into the Inbred Jedburgh skulking around the woods practicing his ninja skilz. The pink hands and blue trainers should give him away.

    If he’s working he’s probably doing so in Coeur d’ Alene or Spokane. Jobs are pretty thin in the St Maries, ID area. Opening a *profitable” dojo there would be highly unlikely.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA, you said “If he’s working”….Other than blowing hot or cold air, what would he do in the legitimate working world? Last time he changed his name and went into a criminal enterprise (and apparently sucked at Kapers). I wonder what he’ll do for an encore? Oh wait, we already know.

  6. Tennessee Budd says:

    Piss on Sammy (he’s “gotten wet…at close range” before, right?)–the song is great. Always have loved Otis.
    Miss Lisa, as we knew, has good taste. (Looks at pic of Wirecutter). Ummm…..

  7. Odysseus says:

    You know when you finally compile your various life stories into a book I think you’ll exceed all of Scammy’s schemes while actually providing people something worthwhile.

  8. Bill nnva-Northern Neck of Virginia says:

    Ms Lisa…there’s the two great Beatles songs, “Nowhere Man” & “The Fool On The Hill”.
    Maybe there is a really BIG billboard for rent around St Maries.
    Just the perfect size, featuring photos and biography call it a PSA.
    I’d donate for that one just because he deserves it.

  9. Samuel Culper says:

    Knowing Kerodin, he probably changed his name to Chief Kerotan, started selling snake oil, and tried to join the Reservation. You know, Kenny, this is probably a post in itself — what are the best new names for the ginger snap?

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