Meanwhile, in California…..


After they outlawed hunting lions in California back in the late 1980s and then running them with hounds shortly after, that state is overrun with mountain lions – coming into cities, eating people’s pets and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Now the same people that were screaming that lions needed protection are complaining about the overpopulation. You just can’t make some folks happy.

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  1. Merc says:

    Bet that keeps the crows away from the corn.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    Saw a similar thing happen around Leadville Colorado-or was it around Aspen? Been a while.
    Anyhow-the Commiefornia transplants somehow managed to get bear hunting in the surrounding county.
    Took about 3 years,then the whole area was overpopulated with bears,cats and dogs were getting eaten,bears were breaking into garages to get to the trash,bears were crashing back yard BBQs-it was great-the rainbows and unicorns crowd got what they deserved.
    Thankfully,the wildlife officer for that area told ’em what a bunch of morons they were for banning bear hunting-he told said morons that the solution to their bear problem was to allow hunting again-or pay about $7500.00 to live trap and relocate each bear,which would in time return to the area anyhow.
    Commifornia’s mountain lion problem is gonna get a whole lot worse before it gets better-they can thank Wayne Pacelle from HSUS and Kieran Suckling-(nice name huh?) from the Center for Biological Diversity for getting the hunting ban,then the hound ban enacted.
    They’ll be screaming for people to start killing mountain lions as soon as one of their pets-or one of their kids- gets eaten.

    • A couple of years ago, a cougar wandered into NE Des Moines. Susie homemaker saw it and thought it might be a good idea to call the cops. There was a school just a couple blocks away. After a bit of watching and discussing, the cops decided the best thing to do was to kill it. The main consideration was the school and all of those tasty little morsels running around. One shot from a rifle to the head and it was over, DNR came and collected the body.

      The next day in the paper, the liberal idiot pisswits were livid. One went so far as to call the cops murdering scumbags. Well, being the smart ass and part time asshole that I am, I couldn’t let that go. I informed her that she was a hypocrite of the worst kind. That if that cat had her little Susie or Johnny backed into a corner, she’s be screaming at the police to shoot that son of a bitch and shoot it now.

      Later on I noticed my comment got deleted.

  3. John h. says:

    Let’ em detassle the first row by hand. Then see who needs protection??
    John h.

  4. STW says:

    They’ll never favor traditional hunting before they push for live trapping and lion birth control. No matter how much it fails with other animals, such as deer, they’ll be sure that this time, with he right people in charge, it’ll be a huge success. Idiots.

    • John h. says:

      Unfortunately youre exactly right. I hate to see innocents, meaning children and pets, injured or killed but not so much the idiots w/ no children spearheading that idiocy!
      John h.

    • Charlie says:

      That same old mating call of the progressive :

      “Don’t listen to those old guys who have lived here, like, forever…
      This time it will be different, because we modern, educated, progressives know what we’re doing.”

      Yeah, right…

      Full disclosure : I may have (MAY have, mind you) said this kind of thing in my know-nothing 20s.

  5. Tim says:

    We’ve got the same problem with wolves here in Wisconsin. And they were reintroduced after they had all been killed off 100 years ago. I want to catch them live and then release them into the home of the idiots who think they’re so pretty.

  6. Elmo says:

    I’ve got one that prowls the riparian area in front of my property (California- and yeah, I remember when the petitions were going around and knew what the results would be).
    But I digress. I asked my local warden what I could do about it (legally). He suggested 12 gauge buckshot and call him in the morning for a depredation permit. He knows what’s going on.

    BTW- I’m impressed that you’re familiar with CBD and Kieran Suckling, Gamegetter. I wish a lot more people knew about the lousy communist and how his organization of ‘experts’ and lawyers are screwing over America.

  7. ignore amos says:

    Competition is tough, in the wild. The youngsters get pushed out and go searching for new territory. Once they get a taste for domestic animals, they come back for more. Then it’s up to the animal control officer or the farmer trying to protect his livestock. We ourselves, have lost a horse and a goose to cougars. (I shot the one with the goose in her mouth) 16+ ducks, a few cats, and several more geese, mostly to raccoons but also to coyotes, owls and dogs. This state, in it’s wisdom, has banned hunting over bait and hunting with dogs. It’s just too cruel and unfair…

  8. Timbo says:

    I frequent mendo and humbolt. I’ve had the shit scared out of me up there.
    Never ever go hiking without a good knife, at bare minimum.

    • Elmo says:

      Be careful. It’s a jungle out there.
      A few years back a woman was jogging on a trail near where I live when she was killed by a cat. It nailed her from behind and she never knew what hit her. The coroner said her skull was crushed.

  9. Greg B says:

    Ocasionally, some bicyclist or jogger gets torn up by a cat in the hills back of us. It’s pretty rare, but it happens every few years.

  10. Paulo says:

    Where I live on Vancouver Island we ‘shoot and shovel’. In my case shoot and shove into the river. What I look for as clues to whether they are hanging around is both the squirrel population and racoons. The deer were killed out long ago by cats. If i hear the squirrels chattering away as per normal They haven’t been through. Our racoons are down now due to distemper and shotguns so we don’t have them right now. Roaming feral housecats are still about too, so likely no cougars. Cougars go for my chickens when do they pass through. Evening is the worst time to walk around with an unleashed dog. A local game warden aclls it ‘trolling’, when they are on a leash. I call it giving my dog a chance.

  11. dddddancetotheradio says:

    When I lived in Saskatoon they ripped out the forest behind our apartment block to build a new road.
    After that I saw coyotes in our parking lot every once in a while.

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