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11 Responses to Nervous?

  1. irontomflint says:

    I just gotta say it…How does anyone sneak up on anyone else in Sand-istan? I mean, almost everyone wears flip-flops!?! As evidenced by the fancy footwork displayed in the photo, how do they beat-feet and keep their flip-flops on when it’s time to bug out?
    Okay, I’m done now.

  2. veeshir says:

    Nothing says serious warrior like ‘flipflops’.

  3. Odysseus says:

    The lack of even cotton balls to stuff in the ears might explain the hasty retreat even more.

  4. Bob says:

    That mortar tube in the back is one of ours.

  5. Alemaster says:

    Damn right he nervous, he’s seen the U.S. counter battery videos. regards, Alemaster

  6. bogsidebunny says:


    Gay?…..You bet!

  7. riverrider says:

    the cia has been planting munitions on the battlefield that has been tampered with to go off instantly. i have seen many vids of mortars, rockets and artillery rounds detonating at inappropriate times. even an ak that blew up when hadji let loose with a burst. allah akba, poof! lol.

    • pdwalker says:

      Ah yes, I refer to those as the allah-akaBLAM events. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of blokes.

  8. loaded4bear says:

    We had a foreign exchange 2LT in Infantry Officer Mortar Platoon Leaders school – way back when. He earned the nickname of ‘Flash’ after a round failed to fire. After the click with no launch – he cleared the distance from the tube to the parking lot in about 1.3 seconds. That name stuck with him for his duration at Ft. Benning.

    • pdwalker says:

      How long would have it taken you?

      I thought I would have been pretty close to that time.

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