Now what?


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9 Responses to Now what?

  1. Ken says:

    Hope that’s not a stick shift.

    • Inbred Redneck says:

      Stick would be your only hope. Compound low, in reverse, hubs locked, clutch engaged and crawl backwards on the starter motor ’til the engine catches. That might work.

  2. RTinWeimar says:

    The SUV is closer to level than the camera. Still wouldn’t park my truck there.

  3. Alexander says:

    That’s a red headed woman, right?

  4. Behind it with a pick-axe. Hello Allstate?

  5. ed357 says:

    Illusion by the camera being tilted???????

    At first look, it’s tilted down at 45 degrees…..

    but after matching the background to a level horizon…..

    It looks like a do-able 30 degrees…..


    • anonymous says:

      ed357, good eye. I dropped the image into a photo editor and rotated the image. Using the person standing next to the SUV as my vertical reference, it appears the image is indeed tilted 30 degrees.

  6. RonM says:

    No problemo. Just do a U-ey?

  7. Zombiedawg says:

    Rotate pic 90 degrees clockwise…
    More like it eh…the tree is growing UP then.

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