The killers of Council, Idaho rancher Jack Yantis will soon return to work after being cleared of criminal charges by Idaho Attorney General Larry Wasden.
Nearly ten months have elapsed since Yantis, 62, was cut down by a twelve-shot fusillade alongside Highway 95 after he had been summoned by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office to put down a bull that had been struck by a car. The deputies who responded to the accident, Brian Wood and Cody Roland, shot the bull, but neither was able to kill it. Roland called the sheriff’s dispatch to have Yantis kill the animal.

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  1. Mr says:

    Well this is a big shock…. ” we have investigated ourselves and found that we did nothing wrong.” Any wonder people are getting sick of this shit.

  2. Free Citizen says:

    The cops wonder why there isn’t much support for them when they get shot. This is just one example for their lies and incompetence. Most cops are just like the TSA…very little training, no common sense, and just barely on the legal side.

  3. a_random_guy says:

    “It is not enough to show that the officer made a mistake, acted negligently, acted by accident or even exercised bad judgment,”

    If a normal citizen makes a mistake or acts negligently, and kills someone in the process, they will be prosecuted for manslaughter.

  4. deborah harvey says:

    hell is going to be so crowded, in spite of its reported vastness.

  5. Elmo says:

    The most interesting part of this article is the revelation that there was a neutral witness to the shooting whose version of the story backs up that stated by Jack’s wife and nephew, but the Idaho State Patrol investigator made little to no attempt to contact him. One phone call, he ‘was not there’, end of attempt.
    Good going, Idaho State Patrol Detective Kenneth White. I’m sure you’ll do well in the ISP.

  6. Alexander says:

    This saddens me.
    Anyone that’s been around farmers & cows knows there is a bond between a man & his stock.
    They are not treated crudely in fact they are valued. A quality bull is to be nurtured & cared for because he provides the progeny that insures success for a cattleman.

    Mr Yantis may have bought this bull, he might have raised him. Either way he was a part of the farm. Mr Yantis was practical in that he showed up with a rifle & a tractor to do what had to be done. Later he would dig a hole & bury his bull. He probably would not cry but he would be grieved.

    He arrived to see the bull suffering from the accident & numerous gunshots. (One bullet in the ear would have ended the suffering.). Seeing his bull injured & used for target practice would be shocking. The incompetent bastards should have backed away & allowed Mr. Yantis to complete the task at hand.

    Somehow he was executed by a couple of county employees that are free to carry on.

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