See, Wisco? Cuddles, not puddles.

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13 Responses to See, Wisco? Cuddles, not puddles.

  1. WiscoDave says:

    I’ll admit that those are the most difficult to get rid of. Had two recently (must have gotten the mom a day or so earlier) that walked up to me like puppies. Cute and needy as all hell.
    Sometimes doing what you have to isn’t easy or pleasant. You still do it.

    • Guy Stumpman says:

      Is there a blog where I can read about the adventures of Wisco Dave and those rascally raccoons?

  2. gamegetterII says:

    9 iron sized

  3. rramindoodle says:

    Just wait till she grows up. Then they go feral…

  4. Unclezip says:

    Everybody is all cuddles, until it rips off your face.

  5. Andrew says:

    Yeah, this lady will look like Carla Nash in a year. Especially if she names that demon rat ‘Travis.’

  6. K. Jack in Centennial, CO says:

    Frankly, I love raccoons….have some around that I’ve known since they were kits…different personalities, etc. Most people I know who don’t like raccoons have been closet liberals or general assholes. Just sayin’… Rather bust the head of a raccoon hater than a raccoon…a’gin, just sayin’….

  7. K. Jack in Centennial, CO says:

    PS…And I’ve hunted and killed everything from elk, mulies, rock chucks, all kinds of squirrels, rabbits (hate ’em), Canadian geese, upland game birds, marmots, coyotes, etc……but raccoons are different…on the bell curve generally smarter than most people…..and more likeable, but then I’m a charter member of the Curmudgeon and Misanthrope Society…

    • gamegetterII says:

      When the evil fuckin coons start killin my chickens-they die-aint never seen a coon that can lay an egg every day-sometimes 2.
      They kill my hens-I kill them It’s an ongoing war. Killed 2 last night.

      • WiscoDave says:

        I don’t go out looking for them but if they are in/near my buildings I’ll get them.
        Love what you will; be a dick if you want. Love dick if you want.
        Just sayin’.

      • Andrew says:

        Yep. Don’t mind them away from the house, in the woods, in the wild, you know, the whole circle of life thingy. It’s when the little bastards start chewing on the window and door frames to get into my house that I draw a line.

        And it’s always caused by some asshat libtard kumbaya vegan motherfucker who feeds the fuckers, then moves, leaving a large colony of the furry shits who have no fear of humans and know exactly where food can be found, and it ain’t in the empty house where they’re used to getting snacks from..

        I’ve been living in the same house for the last 30 years, and have had 4 major and 6 minor invasions of coons due to renters and short term owners in the houses on either side of me. At one time the body count at my house was 6 in one day, 23 overall in a week before that wave of doom stopped.

        And I have had to replace 2 exterior doors and frames, all the screens on my back porch twice, 6 windows (trim, screens and all), a whole bunch of siding, lots of soffet, and clean up inside my attic (insulation and wiring)(during the summer, in North Florida). All caused by someone else being a total fuck-face and creating a furry bandit zombie horde for me to deal with.

        The armadillos under my back porch are less destructive, cuter, and easier to deal with, and don’t try to get into my house.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Dispose of your garbage properly, secure your cans, and hang your bird feeders in a way they can’t get to them, but most of all, DON’T FEED THE BASTARDS.
          I’ve yet to see a RACcoon on my property. I hope I never do.

          • gamegetterII says:

            Buy a dozen laying hens,build a chicken coop-and you’ll have them fuckers comin’ from miles around to steal the eggs and/or kill the hens.
            I shot one last night with a .177 air rifle right between the eyes at about a foot away-it was in a trash can-had to shoot it in the face two more times from point blank range before it died.
            No room to swing the 9 iron in a trash can,or it would have died a lot quicker.

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