Starvin’ Larry gets a headache

The first link below is what caused me to quit the IIIPSFA-due to the actions of Sam Kerodin against J.C. Dodge,then I found out about what Sam and Holly tried to do to Kenny Lane-(Wirecutter from Knuckledraggin).

Read the comments in the links to sites that have comments,and follow all the links.

The links below are just the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”it would take months to follow all the shit about Sam Kerodin and the Citadel clusterfuck,the III Arms clusterfuck,the TOC clusterfuck,and on and on.

The number of domain names and businesses is astounding,as are the never ending negative comments and warnings about scams.

Since there are so many links to follow,I just posted a few from the first few pages of Google search results-there’s a lot more on the’net for anyone who wants to do a search,and spend hours,days,weeks chasing down all the links.

Do your own research,make up your own mind…

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5 Responses to Starvin’ Larry gets a headache

  1. Larkin says:

    Looking at the old Wench Magazine thread brings up a serious and somewhat embarrassing question: Why has it taken the “III community” more than 4 years to do what a bunch of renaissance fair nerds did in a matter of days?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Because they saw right through their bullshit to begin with. We didn’t.
      But yeah, it is embarrassing, isn’t it?

      • Andrew says:

        Don’t feel bad. It is in y’all’s nature that you are trusting to someone you see as a ‘brother’.

        It could be worse. In the Sci-Fi roleplaying world (yes, there are a bunch of people who do that) one guy has managed to screw over the whole publishing world for at least 15 years, and there have been at least 5 kickstarter campaigns that have reaped over 100k from that community. Funny thing is, they have known about this jerk but keep jumping on his next project, donating more and more money that goes down the same rathole. And he gets on his website and makes fun of and curses out the very same group that continue to give money.

        In comparison, Scammy is a lightweight.

        Hmm, wonder if they’re related.

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