Using Canning Jars For All Food Stores and More

Dry, bulk goods. This category of items includes grains, dried pasta, dried potato flakes, dry beans, and rice for long-term storage. We buy these in 40- and 50-pound bags from the Mormon storehouse, Costco, and online vendors and then repackage them into the half gallon jars, which are then vacuum sealed, using our FoodSaver Jar Sealer connected to an electric vacuum pump system that Hugh installed into my kitchen. It takes less than a minute to put the lid on, vacuum seal a jar, and put the ring on. All I have to do at that point is label the jar and place it in storage. I can easily open the jar without damaging the flat lid by using the dull side of a butter knife laid flat along the jar’s screw-top thread and slide the knife along the threads upward toward the top of the jar until it lifts the lid and breaks the vacuum seal. Then, it’s just 30 to 45 seconds to once again put the contents back into a vacuum seal, using the same process, after I’ve retrieved whatever portion I need from the jar. I haven’t heard of an easier way to do this, especially repeatedly without heating the contents and potentially damaging the nutritional value and flavor of the contents. For the times when electricity might not be available, we have an easy hand-pumped vacuum option. However, it takes a bit more time and certainly more effort, so we are trying to get the bulk of our needs put away while the grid is available. The spring-loaded hand pump will work after TEOTWAWKI.

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  1. gamegetterII says:

    Mostly agree. A few problems though-all those glass jars aint portable no matter what’s in ’em. No one is gonna be worried about maybe,possibly,might be a chance of the miniscule amount of chemicals in plastic being bad for your health on any long term grid down/shtf scenario. Dehydrate the shit and vacuum seal it the the plastic bags made for that reason. It’portable then-you can carry a hell of a lot of dehydrated food in a ruck/pack.
    I don’t get the worried about not using a whole quart of tomato sauce? 2 people can eat that much sauce in a day easily. Hell-if I’ve been pouring concrete all day I can kill off a quart of sauce and a couple platters of pasta by myself.
    All for storing dehydrated foods- just don’t think much of the method being used. It’s bad for the foods to open and re-vacuum seal-every time you expose to air microorganisms get to the food-many don’t require oxygen to survive so vacuum sealing doesnt protect against them

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