We all have that one ex…

Which brings us back to Mr. Kerodin. He had tried to mirror the sentiments of the III% while using tactics and verbiage of a failed recycled christian identity/nazi platform. He got predictable results. His language was the same as Martins. but he was able to update the tactics a bit by introducing blogs and other social media as a social engineering vehicle. It worked for a time. At least in that he had outpaced his predecessor. By dominating the message, he was able to control it for a time in certain circles. That is, of course, all over now. As with all things that receive the antiseptic of light, once his tactics and intentions were made demonstrably obvious by his own actions, support for him quickly dissipated. He may try to kick the III%(c) can down the road a little longer, but he will always be a shadow of his former self. Eventually he will get the hint and, perhaps, seek real employment.


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  1. pdwalker says:

    once a conman, always a conman.

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