Yup, he did it.

A freefall from 25,000 feet, no chute, into a net.

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12 Responses to Yup, he did it.

  1. Craig Bailey says:

    Because I Got High. Personally I have a few jumps so I can comment(700+)

    • Seneca III says:

      Well, I may be a couple of hundred jumps short of you but even in my prime that would have called my balls into question, never mind now in my dotage.

  2. Seneca III says:

    Big ones there!

  3. Tom W. says:

    The Ol Scotsman Iron Balls McGinty says,,, For Fucks Sake! He Made It!

  4. MM says:

    Wow. He hit it almost dead center too.

  5. danielkday says:

    In his next jump, he’ll do it without a helmet!

    • bogsidebunny says:

      Maybe totally naked and doing the Backstairs Boogaloo with his helmet deep inside his old lady.

      Now that’d be a sight I pay good money to see.

  6. AlmostAnonymous says:


  7. skybill says:

    Hi Kenny…….
    Yup, got today and tomorrow off from work but I can just hear everyone hitting me with the “Hey, did you see that vid of the guy jumping without a Parachute??!!!!” when I clock in!!!! Geez louise!!! He ain’t the first and won’t be the last!!!!! SO! Guess I gotta’ kick in my 2 cents worth!!! I’ll do this like your “History lessons” only forget “Exact dates” I’ll get as close as i can…..
    “Early 60’s” Rod Pack, Hollywood Stunt man and Skydiver does a “”Chuteless” jump, gets 16mm film and photos of jump Rod jumped with just a QAC “Quick Attachable Chest” Harness and his buddy flew down with a “Chest Pack” chute that he hooked on and pulled to save his life….As a “Back up” the Camera men also had “Snap Hooks” on their Harnesses so if Rod and “Chute” didn’t get together by a preset altitude they could fly in and hook him up to them!! That alone is “Scary!!” but it’d save their Ass!! My late Good Friend and Skydivin’ Buddy Don “SCR-007” Henderson was one of the Cameramen and gave me a VHS copy of “That” Jump and some footage from the early daze of the old “Englewood Skydivers” who used to jump at Arvin Back When men were Men and Sheep were Scared!!!!! “Ya have to be a really Old fart skydiver to understand the Humor!!!!”
    Now to add insult to injury…..the FAA “Federal Air Regulations” Part 105 “Don’t ask me the numbers!!” say “No one will make a Parachute jump and No Pilot in command of an airplane ‘IN FLIGHT’ will allow a Parachute jump to be made from “THAT” aircraft “UNLESS” the Person making the jump has a “Single Harness Dual Pack Parachute Assembly.” There is more but for the purpose of this story…guess what?? The FAA got Pissed at ROD but couldn’t “GET HIM” so they suspended the Jump Plane Pilot’s Commercial Pilot’s Certificate for one Year…(I Think??)…..
    Somewhere in the late 70’s, Jim Tyler does a “Chuteless jump” ..He went out without a chute but had a specially made harness with snaps that he flew up to the Camera man and “Hooked up to him!! Norm Kent filmed the whole deal and it’s on one of is early movies…I forget which one but it’s there!! Google “Norm Kent’s Films of the late 70’s !!” you’ll find it for sure on Youtube!!

    As for Me!!! I do a “Chuteless” Jump every time I Jump!!!!! My “Landing NET!!” is all folded up in my back pak and there is nothing on the ground but “HIGH SPEED DIRT!!!!” If my “Landing net don’t work.(Main and Reserve)..well do I really have to tell you what’s next???
    (To The tune of “The battle Hymn of the republic”)
    “He Hit the Ground, the sound was Splat..
    And Blood went Spurting High!!!!……………
    I get his Helmet and his Boots,
    he heard a Comrad Cry!!!!!……..
    There’s more but ya’ get my drift!!
    I’ll have ta’ dig into my archives but I have some photos of some “Craters” left by people who landed without benefit of Parachute!!! Will FWD!!
    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, my ‘Jack n’ Coke is gettin’ low so I have to Mid-Air Re-Fuel!!
    Till Later,
    Yer’ Man in Manchac!!!!!,

  8. Rob says:

    I wonder what it cost to get a seat in the grand stands?

  9. pigpen51 says:

    I know why he didn’t need a chute, he was just going to land on his balls if he missed the net. One brave and crazy man. Good for him. Don’t do it again.

  10. Russ III says:

    Sorry for really late comment because…disk crash. It’s been done before, and without a net. At least one American and one British bomber crewman landed from 18K and 22K feet. The Brit was pretty much uninjured but the American was hurt badly but survived. There are more, use your google-fu.

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