A message about Honor from Angel

There has been much said, and most of it was comprised into one handy post by wirecutter a few days ago, about Kerodin’s antics. Antics is really to cutesy a word, but it’s what came into my head. The one thing I wanted to point out was the difference between Kerodin and his bootlickers and wirecutter, Wisco, George Patton, and JC Dodge as well as the rest of you. The Kerodin camp can’t call themselves honorable in any way shape or form. Go down the list, mark off all the traits you personally embrace and put X’s next to those you know they have repeatedly shunned.

Stunning difference, huh? The most glaring difference is in the treatment of women. To my knowledge, other than calling Holly Kerodin “Nervous”, not one has attacked her verbally in the way that Kerodin and his lackeys have attacked the wives and female friends of Patriots, myself included.

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7 Responses to A message about Honor from Angel

  1. idaho bob says:

    They are not just honor challenged, they are mentally challenged. That is overwhelmingly obvious.


  2. Winston Smith says:

    Any chance of listing those that side with the felon? For those of us on the periphery that have never met any of you? I sometimes have a hard time knowing who’s who without any frame of reference.
    Honestly, I didn’t know the felon still had anyone still defending his actions.

  3. lineman says:

    Just a little insight from having met both of them…I think Sammy is just the mouthpiece for the scum the comes out of his mouth… He doesn’t get to say a damn thing that isn’t approved of by NyteOrchid… She is the dominant one in that relationship no doubt about it…She knows she has a puppet(puppy) as a partner and she is perfectly fine with that…I feel pity for the little runt…Hes the abused slave in that relationship… And how usually does those that have been abused usually act towards others…JMHO

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’d be willing to bet that he was sexually abused as a child – no shame whatsoever in that, the real shame is letting it control your adult life.

    • Former member- III PSFA says:

      So he’s a “Meatpuppet”? Her hand is up his ass controlling his every move? Makes sense. He learned to like that in prison. NyteOrchid… another name for a______.

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