An interview with Todd Hodnett – The Long-Range Cowboy


Todd Hodnett has carved his own well defined path by not fitting into someone else’s predetermined box. He’s a problem solver and pioneer in extreme long-range shooting whose career has had a snowball effect in the wider world, leading to improvements in the way our armed forces train and operate today. This Texas cowboy went from ranching, to competitive shooting, to teaching some of the most elite military members in the world.

Growing up in Texas, Hodnett spent much of his free time hunting, and before long he pushed his long range capabilities to the limits as he took animals at ever further distances. Competitiveness always stirred within him, no matter the application. Within a year of taking up competitive cowboy action shooting, he was a national champion. Shortly after breaking into long-range competitions, he won major matches. Perseverance sets him apart from the rest. Taking opportunity by the horns, he founded Accuracy 1st, which trains both civilians and military.

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5 Responses to An interview with Todd Hodnett – The Long-Range Cowboy

  1. Eric Baugh says:

    great read

  2. AC says:

    Here you go:

    Spend the $700 you saved on ammo or something.

    • James says:

      AC,thanks for the links,with all info. out on net(at least for now!)always good when someone chimes in with good ones or time would be spent only searching.I would still like to take the gentleman’s course if a little closer to home as any knowledge gained helpful and the dude really seems to have a hands on teaching system down and able to present it in a non technical confusing way,math not a strong point with me beyond basics.

  3. downeast hillbilly says:

    Out. Fucking. Standing. Time for a 2nd honeymoon with the 7mm mag. Yee hah!

  4. M. Sage says:

    I had the chance to meet him at a LaRue Tactical (if you need an AR scope mount, they’re the way) range day a few years back. Class act and definitely knows his shit. Could coach noobs into 1K yard hits with ease.

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