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This was a comment from Grandpa on my Anniversary/Year In Review post. Him and Lineman both were Sammy supporters when we started this shit, they ain’t no more for the reasons stated below.

Woo hoo, that right there is fun. And to paraphrase scammy’s butt buddy “Pipeline” Muccinex “that’s gonna leave a HOLE” (not just a mark…)
Only thing I’d add, brother, is that Lineman and I were asking questions in June of ’15; he was asking Scambo and I was asking him – and you. The red flags for me started with Sam’s association with ‘Prepping Preacher’; who I found to be a stolen valor piece of garbage… I even emailed this “preacher” directly; asking as a brother in Christ if he would clarify a few things. His reply to me was that I was attacking him as a person (sound familiar?)
The last straw was scammy’s glowing report about his PatCon… talking with Lineman – who was there – made me realize there were two events, the real one; and the one in Scambo’s imagination… when asked about it, and asking – for the good of the Patriot movement – that Scambo not continue to engage in infighting; he lost it and ranted at both Lineman and I, because we didn’t stay on his side during the ‘pseudo stalking’ of NyteOrchid… er, Holly. His statement was that if he ever met us in person, he would take a rusty chainsaw to us. Sideways. That was it. Even LT told Scammy he “lobbed a grenade in the wrong direction”.
But, since Kerodin has no moral compass, no values, and no honor – no apology. Not surprising, actually. And, I can guarantee that Scambo never wants to meet Lineman in person ever again. That youngster will fuck his shit up but good.
Then, when he started the “Cuntland Girljeans” thing with JC, and the court mess with you – and then the attack on the ladies – Angel, Miss Lisa, Mason Dixon Vixen… he revealed to any and all with honor – that he has no honor at all.
You have been a stand up guy through all this, as have others; and I am proud to be counted among real patriots.
And as an aside to Scambo – because we all KNOW he reads this – hey Sammy, I’m moving north soon. Sleep light, motherfucker.


Now why does it not surprise me that Sammy and Lineman’s story about the success of the Patcon are completely different? Wanna guess who I believe? Hell, I’d have believed Lineman over Sammy even when Lineman was still on Kerodin’s side – the man has never given me a reason to distrust him even though we’ve held different views in the past.
Thanks for the update, Grandpa.

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10 Responses to From the comments

  1. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    Having had words with both Lineman and Prepping Preacher online, I’m glad somebody flamed the preacher, and I guess I owe an apology to Lineman. Hope we meet up in WY or ID one of these days.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Eh, I’ve had words with Lineman before too. Ain’t no big thing. Even when we were on opposite sides he conducted himself well. He’s welcome in my home if he ever heads down this way.
      Is the Prepping Preacher you’re referring to that piece of shit Paul Lemmon?

  2. Grandpa says:

    …hey man, you know I got you. Still praying for you after your shock this weekend, love to you and Lisa, brother

  3. Shan says:

    Is this the same preacher whom often commented on backwoods home and homesteading today?? If so….I’m not surprised. If not…then I’d like to know where the hell he came from. Who is it? Shan

  4. John Deaux says:

    It was a rainy crappy day down my way yesterday so it gave me the chance to do some snooping. I even found myself on the special k page, I hated to do it but like a train wreck I couldn’t look away, I’m trying to put a face, so to speak, with the names. Clicked on links, went to the blogger’s pages and checked them out. I came across what seems to be good people doing their thing, not bothering or trying to hurt anybody, special k on the other hand well, damn I felt I needed a shower to wash the bullshit away. I showed his rambling about pig farmers to a brother who stopped by for a beer, I didn’t say what it was about before he read it, he also looked at special k’s bio, well once he stopped laughing he asked who that idiot was and what dream world he lived in.
    I found pictures of him online, that pale skinned soft boy trying to pass himself as a hard man with experience would be really laughable if it hadn’t hurt so many people. He’s more worm than anything else.
    Well that’s my .02 anyway.

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