Grandpa’s clarification on the Prepping Preacher

…for clarification – this is the guy I was talking about:
He represented himself as the prepping preacher on his ‘Watchman A. Hornblower’ blog.
God knows enough good folks have had their names smeared, so I want to make certain it doesn’t happen here.


Go to the link and see what Breitbart had to say about Lemmon, Sammy and Nervous Holly.

Look at the pictures – in one of them he’s wearing some of Sammy’s patches on his hat and shirt.
Sammy will probably try to deny all knowledge of this stolen valor piece of shit, but I remember the uproar when Sammy tried to do the executive decision thing to the Board of Directors of the IIIPS and bring Lemmon in as the ‘official’ IIIPS chaplain. Now here he had a board that was made up almost entirely of Vets and he tried to push this fraudulent motherfucker off on us and he expected us to fall right in line.
The funniest part was JC Dodge telling Sammy “not just no but HELL NO!!!” and Sammy was still fucking arguing about it, telling us that Lemmon was a great guy, he’d changed his ways and by god he was going to be the chaplain whether we liked it or not. He finally backed down, but it took a couple of days.

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10 Responses to Grandpa’s clarification on the Prepping Preacher

  1. DD says:

    That dude looks like one of the bad guys in the Clint Eastwood movie with the monkey.

  2. Grenadier1 says:

    Thats not Breitbart, its an anit-breitbart site full of leftwing douchebags. They just happen to be right about Lemmon-aide.

  3. Just one little thing to point out here: That is not the Breitbart website. is a Liberal / anti-conservative website who goal is: “unmasking the false narratives behind the right-wing noise machines.”

  4. WiscoDave says:

    No worries, Grandpa. I figured you meant Lemmon.
    Guy I’m talking about is a pretty decent man.
    Never new lemmon called himself prepping preacher.

  5. Steve Ramsey says:

    There’s a new kerodin in town. Resides in the Flathead Valley in Montana. His name is Stewart Rhodes.


    His equivalent to Lemmon is Oathkeepers rabidly Jew hating nutjob official “Pastor” Chuck Baldwin.

    They are even making anti-semitic documentaries now and engaging in conduct forbidden by their OWN BYLAWS.

    Then he attacked John McCains’s conduct as a POW as somehow traitorous, even though DOZENS of McCain’s fellow POW’s including Admiral Stockdale, have always held him in high regard.

    It was so bad there that the military changed it’s code of conduct for POW’s after that. Not good enough for stewie. He should have withstood torture unto death according to this fraud.

    I don’t care McCain’s politics, and hope he loses. But for Stewie to proffer a politically motivated hit piece from the comfort of his keyboard attacking someone who was tortured in the Hanoi Hilton? Out of bounds.

    Called him out privately. No response.
    Called him out in the forums. Got my IP blocked.
    Pure kerodin-like behavior.

    Fuck that guy, and fuck his organization. He’s a goddamn coward. I quit.

  6. Warpig says:

    My brother worked at Saxon Mortgage when Lemmen was there. Said he was always in uniform. No one knew what he actually did. Scored extra vacation time to go play soldier.

  7. BayouBroussard says:

    well I wish someone would have warned me back then when that article came out but I am very grateful that Kenny, Grandpa, JC, Gamegetter, Patton and many others shined a light on all that Scammy crap. I had been in the IIIPS from the beginning and was up until all that crap started happening. I really didn’t know who to trust after that so I just hung low for a long while, I do love coming to Wirecutters site and Brocks over at FNC. both of you guys stay real. Thanks again. Im sure you saved I and a bunch of others from more scams.


    • Grandpa says:

      Bayou, good to see you’ve seen through Scammy and found us all (or many, anyway) over here and at Brock’s.
      lll to lll

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