It’s been a year now since I publicly broke ties with Kerodin and I figured a Year In Review post might be fun.


Because Sammy’s such a serious fuck-up this post is long with a lot of links to illustrate my points. If you’ve been a regular reader for the past year, you can either skip them or use them to refresh your memory. If you’re a newer reader, you might want to bookmark this post and read it a little at a time.
It’s been a team effort but if I were to go and include JC and George Patton’s posts about the same stuff in links, this would have to be a III part (see what I did there?) series.

So, what I’m going to do is lay it all out for you mostly using the links from my “Sam Kerodin’s House of Cards” page located under the picture of that pissed off RACcoon at the top of the site. JC Dodge also did the same thing HERE with his posts on the Kerodins. I also suggest that you go to George Patton’s site HERE and read his posts from the beginning.

Now you gotta understand that I had broken my ties months before but Sammy was just too fucking stupid to figure it out. In that time frame I got to talking with Jim Miller and JC Dodge from Mason Dixon Tactical who I had served with on the Board of Directors for the III Percent Society. While those little chats were going on I was also talking with WiscoDave. We started comparing notes and the 4 of us decided that we were tired of good Patriots being taken in by Kerodin’s scams and schemes and it was time to open some eyes. Right about that time, another Patriot came to us with some serious questions and ‘discrepancies’ concerning Sammy and the IIIPS and that’s how George Patton came to be involved.
Be right back, gonna shoot some 22LR.
Our main focus was wanting answers as to where all the money went that was solicited and collected by Kerodin for the citadel, III Arms, the short bus and the dojo that he was supposed to open once he moved out to Idaho but in order to do that we had to raise questions about his credibility.
All the links in this post will open in a separate tab because I’m cool about that shit.
I’m going to try to keep this all in order, but I may wander a bit and there may be duplicate links here and there although I’ll try to keep them to a minimum.

It was actually August 20th that I did the first post HERE but that was more of a rant than anything else. What tripped me out though was the overwhelming support in the 100+ comments I got in that one post. That showed me what the general population of the III thought of Kerodin.
On the 23rd after I had calmed down a bit, I did another post HERE outlining my grievances. It wasn’t pretty, trust me – but I have a reputation of leaving things in disarray so why should this be any different?

After that, it was time to get to work. Our first order of business was to discredit him using his ridiculous claims and his own words. This went on throughout the process and it seemed like a never ending job sometimes because there was just so. much. material.
While I’m thinking about it, if you think I spent hours and hours reading Sammy’s site for discrepancies, you’re out of your mind. Sammy was a huge help by thoughtfully providing me with a ‘search this blog’ box about 2/3 of the way down his sidebar. All I had to do was enter a key word and I’d have all the material and contradictions I needed at my fingertips. When I finally broke down and told JC Dodge how I was getting my material his reaction was “You gotta be shitting me!!! Really? That easy???” Well, yeah….. if you wanna know the easiest way to get something done, ask the Okie.
Back on subject: When you read Sammy’s writings one post at a time, most of his claims don’t seem to be all that outlandish – some folks out there have some major accomplishments in their lifetimes, but when you accumulate them it appears that Sammy’s lived about 12 very full lives.

We called bullshit on every damned one of them. Every fucking one from his bullshit about being a security consultant to being a kung fu/whatever/judy chop expert – just ask Wisco about the headlock he put Sammy in that he couldn’t get out of. Twice.
I’ll refer to Sam’s claims and bullshit stories a few times throughout this post but here’s a couple right out the gate dealing with his claim that he was a security consultant (which also got him an extortion conviction) before he decided he was a Patriot. We did that on August 27th HERE and August 28th HERE. But we figured out how Sammy managed to squeeze so many accomplishments into so little time:
.sammy security expert

On August 29th (I know, talk about a blitz, huh?) George Patton, who didn’t have a blog yet, did some digging and came up with a bunch of organizations and LLCs that the Kerodins formed and began asking questions about those HERE.

On or around the 30th of August, Kerodin announced that he was stepping down as the Supreme Most High Holy Commander of the III Percent Society at the end of the year and that general elections within the organization for a new god and board members would be held in December. My reaction is HERE. A reader’s reaction is HERE.
It turns out both me and Gary were wrong – by the time December rolled around there weren’t enough members left to run for anything.

Sammy wasn’t sweating it yet – until Jim Miller went public on September 2nd, HERE. The link in that post is dead, so you have to go HERE for that information. Now Jim was the gunsmith for III Arms, one of the things that we were seeking answers to. It turns out that Jim was a very cautious man and he recorded every damned conversation with Sam and saved every bit of documentation about III Arms. We’re talking several terabytes of documentation. Why? In case Sammy went after him. Smart man, Jim – Sammy has left him alone. Jim didn’t share with us all of his information, but he gave us enough to really bring Kerodin’s business practices into question. For instance, if Jim bought the CNC used to manufacture 7 1911s and 14 ARs (I think) and worked out of his own shop, what the hell happened to the rest of the money?


Jim accomplished what he set out to do – he cut ties with Sammy, he proved questionable business practices, cleared his name of any wrongdoing on III Arms’ part and he got some shit off his chest, so he said his goodbyes to the group on good terms and went his way. We’re all still in touch and he’s welcome in my home as long as he doesn’t try to smuggle in a cat.

Instead of answering questions from his investors about where the money went, Sam retaliated with some very weak personal attacks right about this time. Never once did he attempt to answer a single question – which would have given us no choice but to shut up. Instead, his main defense HERE was that we could not dig up a single solitary person that had ever been wronged by him.
I guess he forget about Angel. She posted about it on her blog HERE.

And here’s where it starts getting fun.

On September 14th, I posted an email HERE that Sam wrote the sheriff of Monroe county Florida and forwarded to me about a troll that was calling him names and being a meanie.
Yup, Sammy – the man that calls for the murder of all cops – called the cops. A snitch and a fucking hypocrite. What makes it even more of a head shaker is that just SIX weeks before Sammy ratted Firestone out, he posted a comment on Knuckledraggin I HERE. So that makes Sammy a douche class bitch, right?
On the 17th, Sammy posted his response to that HERE. He had to post something to explain his actions, after all, I had the email with headers to prove that it was actually sent. He couldn’t even claim that he thought about it, but decided in the end not to send it. He had to cop to it, but he tried to do it in a way that didn’t diminish his (ahem) manliness.
Sorry, Sammy. A snitch is a snitch is a bitch. If you’d voluntarily do it to somebody that was calling you names, what about when you’re threatened with prison?

This is right about the time readers started sending information as well as questions of their own.
One of those readers sent me a photo of Sammy’s house with a for sale sign still out front on the 23rd of September HERE that he had supposedly sold to finance his move from Maryland to Idaho. What the fuck? He said he had to use the money from the sale of his house to move across the country – matter of fact you can see in the screen shots, the closing of the house was what was supposedly delaying their departure.
Believe it or not, Nervous Holly and Sammy used this picture later in a court of law against me in an attempt to prove I was stalking them, never mind that they had vacated the house 6 months prior to posting that picture. It’s true, I’m a poor stalker.
It gets better – not only did Sammy and Nervous Holly not sell their house, it wasn’t theirs to sell according to George Patton HERE.

But that brought up a very important question: WHERE DID THEY GET THE MONEY TO MOVE?
It obviously wasn’t from the sale of their house, right?
Well, Sammy was a prolific fundraiser – for himself. He raised money for the citadel and III Arms, but he also raised money to outfit a short bus that he bought with all the latest and greatest comms gear so that the Patriot community would get an unfiltered report from ‘hotspots’ (one of Kerodin’s buzz words) like the Bundy Ranch incident.
He also solicited donations of equipment to outfit a dojo that he was going to open in St Maries Idaho (Spartan MMA) and as I understand it, the way it worked was he posted an Amazon wishlist and then his readers bought the items which were then shipped to him. I don’t know for sure – this was after I quit supporting him and I wasn’t reading his horseshit any more.
But that begs this question: Why did he have it shipped to Maryland when he was moving to Idaho in just a month or two? Why didn’t he just wait until he got there, or ship it there and have somebody pick it up for him to save him the hassle and expense of packing and moving it himself? I mean, when me and my wife moved to Tennessee it cost us 4000 bucks to move our furnishings (we rented by the way) for a 3 bedroom house and that was without storage fees. Moving across the country ain’t cheap.
Well, Angel provides an answer to that question HERE in the comments with this:


That seems to be backed up by a comment left for a reader a couple weeks ago in this post HERE.


Uh-oh. The shit’s getting deep, huh?

Photo by Jesse

The entire time we’re getting these questions together in an attempt to get some answers, we’re finding out more and more shit and some of it’s so comical I feel ashamed that I didn’t catch it before. Some of it I never even knew about though until we got started – like his martial arts page. You can read about what I had to say HERE. Be sure to watch the video. Fucking hilarious…

Fuck it, let’s take a break from the serious shit and have a laugh at Sammy’s expense. Remember what I said about how when you read his badassery claims over a period of time they don’t seem all that bad but when you gather them all up you can see them in a different light? Well, I collected a few for you HERE and HERE – see for yourself.
Keep in mind this is coming from a stubby li’l pot-bellied asthmatic.

Okay, fun and game time is over – time to get back to work.

Right about HERE on September 25th is where Sammy starts seriously confusing his lies and bullshit, this one about III Arms. .
Like I said earlier, instead of answering questions for his investors/victims, Sammy launched a series of personal attacks on all of us. One of them was against Jim Miller when he tried to claim that Jim had used inferior 1911 frames at III Arms without his or Nervous Holly’s knowledge. The screenshots from his blog, his own words, proved him to be a liar.

Moving right along, acting on information provided to us by a reader, on September 30th I posted exactly why Sam and Nervous Holly cannot be trusted. Apparently those that donated to his dojo allowed them to skip town on their debts HERE. This post was also used against me in court because it attempted to portray them as something they aren’t – you know, people that are irresponsible with other people’s money. Unfortunately for them, the judge agreed with me – it turns out that people do have a Right to know the reputation of those that are soliciting money. Imagine that.

Back in the post of 23 August I mentioned a ‘flowery letter’ that Holly sent out to all the III Arms investors when Jim got tired of Sammy and Nervous Holly’s bullshit and walked away from III Arms. Read the letter HERE for yourself and tell me that’s not the biggest crock of shit you’ve seen all day. I mean, talk about blowing smoke up your ass…
I’ve seen Jim’s resignation letter. You know what the straw that broke the camel’s back was? It was Sammy’s constant harping that anybody that draws a government check is the enemy. Jim just happens to work for the Veteran’s Administration.

The whole time this has been going on, Sammy has not answered one single question. Even worse, he’s still lying to his readers about how well the IIIPS is doing and how III Arms is fixin’ to re-burst onto the gun market – even though they didn’t (and still don’t) have a gunsmith with the proper license to manufacture firearms after Jim told him and Nervous Holly to jam an STI frame up their asses. That’s why I posted this HERE on October 26th. Nothing like using a reject to push your product, right?

On October 27th, I decided to fuck with Sammy and his supposed gun handling skills HERE.
I hit a gold mine with this post – it probably did more to show that Sammy was full of shit than any of ‘Badness That Is Kerodin’ posts that I put up.

Up til this point, the only way Kerodin responded was with accusations, smears and lies instead of answers. That suddenly changed.

In early October, Kerodin, using the faggy name of Courtland Grojean called JC Dodge’s superiors and posed as a reporter for a newspaper and accused JC Dodge of running a racist website and a paramilitary training center in an attempt to get him fired. That was nothing but a bitch move. JC was notified about it and was told by his department’s investigation arm that they found it to be unfounded and not too worry about it any more. Hell, they even gave him the name and non-existent paper ol’ Courtland worked for. Actually that was Kerodin’s undoing – the investigator’s couldn’t find the reporter’s name or newspaper in an online search. But let me tell you how seriously they took Kerodin’s tip – JC took that information, went to a different search engine and in 10 minutes traced it back to a fucking website that Kerodin owns. On November 11, JC posted everything he found and I linked it HERE.
That was a dumb fucking move on Sammy’s part. When he did that, he lost the respect of the Patriot movement’s largest and most respected blogger, Concerned American over at Western Rifle Shooter’s Association.
What was comical about the whole situation was that after JC’s post came out, Sammy posted on his own site that he ‘meant’ to be caught. Yeah, felons and ex-inmates always try to implicate themselves in crimes…

During the first week of November I was served with a restraining order and a civil lawsuit for $10,000 for ‘security expenses’ by Nervous Holly.

She was accusing me of stalking her because I was asking questions of Sammy. Actually you’d have to be a fucking idiot to not figure out that it was Sammy’s doing.
I hired an attorney and went to court on the 25th of November for the restraining order. I was told that the judge would give his decision on the 18th of December. Sammy and Nervous Holly’s story was so full of bullshit that he released it at noon on the 7th, eleven days early and I had the news that I won within an hour.
Sammy was successful in one thing though – my attorney told me that until I went to court for the lawsuit I had to keep my mouth shut about Sammy. In the meantime, Sammy was crowing that they won the restraining order and I had cried and begged for a plea and that I had ratted out one of the people that had supplied me with a picture of Spartan MMA that I posted. The one thing he didn’t post was a copy of the judge’s decision that plainly showed that Nervous Holly lost and why she lost. What the judge’s decision doesn’t show is any mention of a plea, nor did it mention a name of who I allegedly ratted out – it mentions that I admitted ‘a friend’ – unnamed – sent me that picture.
On the 13th of January 2016 I went to court for the civil lawsuit. For all his bluster, Sammy and Nervous Holly never showed up so I won by default and the judge dismissed the case with prejudice.
With that out of the way, the court cases were done. I could not wait to get home and post every gory detail. I had to sit back and keep my mouth shut and listen to him flat out fucking lie about how he won and now it was my turn to turn it around and rub his face in his own puppy shit.
You can read all about it HERE – including a scanned copy of the judge’s decision.
Sammy and Nervous Holly got to go suck monkey ass.

And then it was back to business as usual HERE with Sammy and his empty threats.
But he took it to a whole new level – because Angel had made her stance against Kerodin known he attacked her HERE. Her only crime was asking about the money she invested and when no answers were forthcoming, she asked questions. It’s also the post where he proves he’s the stalker. He identifies my workplace there with this picture and a nice little taunt.
.....ro safeway
And he accuses me of stalking…

On the 22nd of January, Angel posted about her experiences with the Kerodins titled ‘A Lesson Learned’. Angel is one of those people that Sammy says doesn’t exist – you know, somebody that can say he did them wrong unless she asks questions you don’t want to answer, then you just try to assassinate her character. I linked her post, so I’ll just send you straight over to her HERE.

In Jamuary, shit in Burns was happening. Remember the short bus I spoke of earlier?
Sammy solicited gear and something like $8500 to outfit it for occasions just like this. We started asking where the short bus was on January 19th HERE.
Apparently I wasn’t the only one that was asking questions. It seems like this was right about the time Lineman and Grandpa, two of his most ardent supporters, told him to fuck off because he told them the short bus wouldn’t be deployed due to an ‘executive decision’, him being the executive and that it was ‘staged’ on the other side of the Continental Divide.
He never answered any questions as to where the money and gear solicited for it went. And by the way, if you think the dollar amount for the gear couldn’t have been very much, he posted pictures of several thousand dollars of night vision equipment that he had already received for it.

On April 13th, I found out Sammy was selling garrotes HERE for (get this) 130 bucks. Yup, 2 dowels and a piece of wire for 130 dollars. Of course they had the III painted on so the cops could identify you faster, so that must be what accounted for that outrageous mark-up. When he posted that on FB, he caught so much shit about the price that he said it was to raise funds for the IIIPS trip to the RNC hotpsot in July. They still fucked with him.
Capture FB

Right around February Sammy started insulting my wife for no other reason than I was her husband. He expressed his thoughts about that sort of thing when he imagined it was happening to him.
.wife Apparently he ain’t a real man in his own eyes.
I know what he was trying to do – get me to react. He wanted me to say or do something that he could have me arrested for. I ignored his ass. It was hard, but I did. I had to focus – I was about to retire from my job and move across the country.
I didn’t pay attention, but his readers did. They didn’t take kindly to that shit at all. It wasn’t apparent to me until Jay from Eatgrueldog turned me on to an independent traffic monitor and I checked his traffic. Right about the time he started insulting my wife, his stats nosedived. His readers left him in droves. The motherfucker committed blogger suicide. Here, see for yourself:

He went from 35,000 hits a month (that’s all?) to 2000. If you want to check for yourself, the link is HERE. What was very noticeable though was he really ramped up his attacks on her after I had moved 2700 miles away. Fucking coward. But if he thought dragging my wife into this was going to shut me the fuck up, he was dead wrong. All it did was strengthen my resolve.

On the 21st of April I moved to Tennessee. I had been broadcasting my intentions for months and months but didn’t give a date we we’re leaving because I knew Kerodin would notify every cop shop between here and there and tell them I was an armed drug smuggler and was driving a blue F-150. Matter of fact, we took our sweet ass time traveling across the States and all but a very few people thought we were still in California until I posted HERE that we had already arrived.
cunt1That pissed Sammy off. He called me a cunt. Heh.

On the 26th of April Kerodin starts to slip and show us just how far his mind is slipping. HERE we have a completely unsolicited rant.
But oh dear God we finally got him to admit that it what his income we hit – not the IIIPS, not III Arms, HIS.
And for the record, Tuff-Stuff never once challenged any of us to anything. Not once.

On the 10th of June, Li’l Red starts feeling froggy so I had to bitch-slap him again HERE.

And on July 30, the news was broke to the world HERE that there is no land for the citadel. The primary owner of the property is a woman named Rayda Yearout, a local land investor. With her being the primary owner, nothing gets built on that land unless she approves it.
What does this tell me? We have fucked up their little scheme so badly they had to borrow money against that property just to pay their fucking rent.


Okay, that’s the year in review. It’s been a little rough in spots, but it’s been fun. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was.

This shit has really opened my eyes though. It’s shown me who the good people are – my wonderful and supportive wife, JC, Wisco, George Patton, Jim, Angel, Curtis, Matt, Peter, and countless other unnamed individuals for their help and support with these posts.
Gamegetter, Grandpa, Lineman… God bless you guys.
And then there’s all the folks that donated money towards an attorney when I went public with being served. Both Angel and CA did a fundraiser for me and when I asked them to shut it off because I had enough to cover the attorney costs, they refused. But I did not have to shell out one thin dime of my own money to defend myself. That sent a clear message to two people – me and Sammy. It showed me that everybody else thought I was doing the right thing and it showed Sammy what people think of him.

What about Sammy now? We’re still digging and we will bury his ass. You can count on it. We’re just doing it quietly now.
Him on the other hand, is still ranting and raving and trying to draw attention to himself. Here’s a good example of his mind right now – the same post on two of his blogs two days apart… and he’s linked himself to both of them. I’m not fucking kidding. But wait!!! After I finished this and scheduled it for posting, JC sent me an email saying that he’s posted it again!!! Three times on two blogs – the dude is obsessed.  Let it go, Sammy. I’ve seen it. So have all 7 of your readers.

..Kerodin's Love for Kenny1
..Kerodin's love for Kenny9

The link at the bottom of his posts is a page I had up about Mike Vanderboegh. When I wrote it I was firmly in Kerodin’s camp. After I broke ties with Sammy I apologized to Mike for all that I had written and said and showed him the page – he had already seen it. He told me he held no ill will against and that my apology was accepted. We exchanged emails a few times but that fell off as his health grew worse.
Anyways, in full disclosure and all that shit, the page he’s talking about can be found HERE. It’s not something I’m proud of, but I did write it and I’m sorry I did.
His son Matt, who now runs Sipsey Street Irregulars, told me that he had seen it and he wasn’t going to let Kerodin drive a wedge between us. Thank you, Matt. Grace and common sense run strong in that family.

From a reader:

Sammy. Mentally he’s a headcase. It makes perfect sense to him to write on one blog and then link to it on another in order to “legitimize” in his mind what is written. He self verifies what ever he needs to in order to feed his ego. He has a history of replying to his own posts and I seriously doubt that he is practicing a form of Socratic Method on his blogs.
I firmly believe that he is not stable. I don’t view him as a danger in a physical sense (though I would not take that for granted) But in his mind, in his world he is right and correct in all he does and says. I don’t think he is “gaming” anyone. Look at his response to Whitney when she commented on the wedding/KKK posts. It is very reminiscent of any self absorbed, yet intelligent, psychopath from any TV show or movie.


What is absolutely hilarious is this: Take a look at the sheer number of links in this post, every one of them questioning him about something. He has provided not one single answer – not to us and certainly not to his investors. We have shown his character and when the little bitch started acting out like a two year old, he showed it too.

What does he have on me? My wife is on disability, I’m an self admitted ex dope fiend and I don’t have a problem admitting my wrongdoings and publicly apologizing for them. That’s it. That’s all he’s got.
He doesn’t mention I’ve worked exactly 2 jobs in the past 35 years with only ten days of unemployment between them. My wife raised two boys by herself without a dime of welfare or state aid – no child support, either. Sometimes she worked 2 jobs. Knowing her, she’d be working now if she were able. Not me though – I enjoy sitting around collecting my pension.

Okay, check back about this time next year for ‘Year 2 in Review’.

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  1. bikermailman says:

    Kenny, George, JC, Angel, a heartfelt thank you. An extra one for Lisa, as she didn’t sign up for this shit, yet Yellowstain Scammy dragged you into it like the pus he is. I hate to say it, but there are people with this potential throughout society. Given the opportunity SHTF or a tyrannical system provides, people like him (it?) will rise to power and raise holy hell. May be just an accountant or something, keep your eyes peeled. Get to know your mailman (and UPS, and FedEx) guys, they know stuff. And people. Many thanks to all y’all who are posters, and lurkers as well. Well, not the fibby lurkers, but God Bless y’all too.

  2. 15Fixer says:

    I’m sure glad you’re here. I’ve learned a lot from/thru you. Keep up the good work. My respects to Miss Lisa.

  3. WiscoDave says:

    It has been an honor to be involved with all of this. Thank you for allowing me in.
    It also brings home the true need to research a person and not take for granted that he must be ok because everyone else accepts him.

  4. Actually, it was 4 times in 8 days. 14th, 15th, 17th, and the 21st. I was emailed on the 21st about it. Supposedly he said it was the most popular post he’s had in three months (he needs you for stats)lol. I guess it’s time to start reposting some of our own posts, huh (Courtland Grojean)? Better yet, his ass can wait a few weeks to read the “Mission Number Two” post. He made a big mistake by playing word games with his “Misson Accomplished” post. Or maybe his reading comprehension just sucks. About that multiple posting crap. What’s the definition of insanity? I’d say posting the same thing multiple times in a week and refering readers (linking) to another one of your blogs for confirmation of the first blog’s story.

  5. millerized says:

    Not bringing any cats in, but if you have a few lying around…they may come up missing.

  6. gamegetterII says:

    An excellent summary of Scammy’s bullshit as it relates to the IIIPSFA,and the shot he did to you and J.C. Dodge.
    As you know chasing down all the links about Scammy and the Akita whisperer could take months-hell,I spent about 2-3 hours a day for 3 days and just got a pounding headache. There’s no shortage of material or claims of financial scammery by the two of them-under their various names.
    The day the Who is Courtland Grojean post went up at MDT was the last straw for me.
    That may have been the end of Lineman and Grandpa’s support for Scammy as well.
    Scammy needs to find a new line of work-go back to HVAC/plumbing and writing about the Constitution-and stop trying to earn a living by taking other folks hard earned money for questionable projects.
    He’s done in this community-as someone close to Scammy and Holly told me-we ruined their lives.
    No they ruined their own lives.

  7. Angel says:

    Hopefully, Year 2 in Review will be shorter.
    And end with his and Holly’s incarceration
    and/or complete disappearance from the Patriot community.

  8. Elmo says:

    Can you post a sidebar link to this? It would be handy to have for future perusal, and might be good for those that miss it this go round. Thank Q.

  9. John Deaux says:

    Damn, that’s a hell of a read and I haven’t even clicked the links yet. That k character is one sad excuse for a man, I say that not only because of what you’ve written but what I’ve seen in other blogs before I ever stopped in here. A “man” who would attack a woman who’s only wrongdoing is who she’s with, married or otherwise, deserves a #12 steel toe to the head.
    Full disclosure, I had never heard of this III%er movement until fairly recently, I’m an older scooter tramp that found all this due to the blogger Starving Larry commenting on a blog I follow called Aging Rebel, Kenny the post you put up yesterday really hit close to my heart because I’ve been there more times than I want to think about, my most heart felt condolences to you and yours. Most if not all who I hang with regularly are of the We Will Not Comply mind set, just didn’t know there was an official name for it.
    Ok anyway I want to say I’m glad I found your blog, I try to visit regularly and think your a righteous motherfucker so keep up the good work.
    Oh I try and head up to the foothills, Maryville and such, once a year or so maybe one day I’ll buy you a beer or two.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Sammy’s done a lot more harm to our community than he’s ever done good.

      • John Deaux says:

        I hear what your saying and although I have limited knowledge on that I have to agree with ya.
        I think special k, lower case, is an appropriate name for him, especially with his whole short bus thing.

  10. Winston Smith says:

    Day-um. I’m just a bystander who came into this while it was ongoing and knew most of it, (well, the gist of it anyway) but that was very helpful in explaining a lot of the details and timing. Enjoyed it thoroughly!
    fwiw, Miller’s blogpost (from Angel’s link) is dead and you need the Internet Wayback machine to read it: https://web.archive.org/web/20151029084130/http://iiiarmscompanywv.blogspot.com/

    Look forward to meeting all of you that can make it when the Dragonworks get together happens.

    • millerized says:

      I still have it saved in draft status, I just don’t have it up. Only takes a short time to click if it becomes necessary.

  11. A Texan says:

    Uh, I’m having a little bit of trouble determining how you feel about Sammy. Let me just say that you need to be clear and open about things; holding in righteous anger can be bad for your health, so stop holding back. :>)

  12. pdwalker says:

    *clap clap clap*

    It’s been one hell of a busy year for you, and it’s turned out well enough, I think.

    Thanks for the summary. I’ve read all the posts over the last year, and that’s a solid summarization.

    Keep shining a light on those Kockroaches and watch them scurry.

    (If I’m ever fortunate enough to be in your neck of the woods, I’ll be sure to o bring you a Kalashnikitty tshirt)

  13. Worker says:

    Mr. Lane:
    In all fairness, I do visit Mr. K’s (or whatever his real name is) site quite often given his little girls slap fight with you – for some strange reason (probably a personality defect on my part) I do have a morbid curiosity about his view of the world and his butt hurt over you and named others. To that end, it is good to know the truth behind peoples motivations especially on the inter-net and during these difficult times (soon IMO to get worse).
    Keep up the good work – you provide a solid view of the world for many out there and I know (or at least it seems) that you have a loyal following. Thanks for what you do ………….

  14. Grandpa says:

    Woo hoo, that right there is fun. And to paraphrase scammy’s butt buddy “Pipeline” Muccinex “that’s gonna leave a HOLE” (not just a mark…)
    Only thing I’d add, brother, is that Lineman and I were asking questions in June of ’15; he was asking Scambo and I was asking him – and you. The red flags for me started with Sam’s association with ‘Prepping Preacher’; who I found to be a stolen valor piece of garbage… I even emailed this “preacher” directly; asking as a brother in Christ if he would clarify a few things. His reply to me was that I was attacking him as a person (sound familiar?)
    The last straw was scammy’s glowing report about his PatCon… talking with Lineman – who was there – made me realize there were two events, the real one; and the one in Scambo’s imagination… when asked about it, and asking – for the good of the Patriot movement – that Scambo not continue to engage in infighting; he lost it and ranted at both Lineman and I, because we didn’t stay on his side during the ‘pseudo stalking’ of NyteOrchid… er, Holly. His statement was that if he ever met us in person, he would take a rusty chainsaw to us. Sideways. That was it. Even LT told Scammy he “lobbed a grenade in the wrong direction”.
    But, since Kerodin has no moral compass, no values, and no honor – no apology. Not surprising, actually. And, I can guarantee that Scambo never wants to meet Lineman in person ever again. That youngster will fuck his shit up but good.
    Then, when he started the “Cuntland Girljeans” thing with JC, and the court mess with you – and then the attack on the ladies – Angel, Miss Lisa, Mason Dixon Vixen… he revealed to any and all with honor – that he has no honor at all.
    You have been a stand up guy through all this, as have others; and I am proud to be counted among real patriots.
    And as an aside to Scambo – because we all KNOW he reads this – hey Sammy, I’m moving north soon. Sleep light, motherfucker.

  15. The Hessian says:

    I had been waiting on this one with much anticipation. That was surely grueling work in putting this all together and you most certainly did not disappoint. Thank you for that. I can only echo Angel’s sentiments in wishing this next year to be much more productive in seeing those two on their ears, one way or the other.

    It is not like there are no more frontiers of ethical and financial wrongdoings left to uncover. That shitheel is a filth magnet.

  16. C.R. says:

    Thank you Ken , for calling out the poseur that is “k” . I am trying to educate myself about how our country ought to work , and the III % ers I beleive sounds closest to what the Founding Fathers had in mind . self sufficancy,personal responcibility , honesty, faith , honor, effort, knowledge ,all of that stuff that has made this such a good place . Like I said thank you,and keep up the good work !

  17. Granny says:

    Didn’t they film Brokeback Mountain in Idaho? Maybe the scam puppy has taken up sheep shagging.

  18. Phil says:

    Damned nice work, and an excellent production, if I may say so . . . I’ve kept up on the special k thing, as he ALMOST suckered me, too, with the early talk of the Citadel. Sounded too good to be true, and, now, as we all can see, it was!

    Since I been coming here, your skills have amplified tenfold, and this, well, this is some good work.

    Keep it up, Mr. Lane, keep it up!

    Okie Phil

  19. The Grand Unified Scammy Sammy Theory! I like it!

  20. Bootmaker says:

    Damn, i go off grid for awhile (actually almost a year, my how time slips away) and look at all the fun i miss out on.
    keep on fightin the good fight amigo

  21. johnnyreb says:

    Mike V. Tried to call this puke out from the beginning. He was dissed mightily for his efforts by many. And they should be ashamed.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Mike was the one that let the world know that Sammy was a convicted felon – one of his readers found it. Sammy claims he’s always been upfront and honest about it but that was only after Mike posted it HERE back in 2010.

    • Grandpa says:

      Never was disrespectful of Mike V.; and never did understand the discord (initially…) between two guys that should have worked together for the common patriot good. Then, the more I read and found out about Kerodin, I understood. Never had a harsh word or thought about any patriot, so I’ve got no shame – especially since Kerodin is a PINO – patriot in name only.

  22. Kevin Hogan says:

    I’ll should be passing through St. Marie’s soon, this week or Labor day weeknd. I’ll try to remember to look and see if the kiddie dojo is still open.

  23. B.C. says:

    Looks like Scammy will be need to be placed on the National Rectum Transplant Registry after that Anal Apocalypse! While he’s on the waiting list, he can tour around the country as the New Goatse Boy and asking for donations to pay for the needed operation. While I don’t have a dog in this fight (I’ve just been watching from the cheap seats over the years), this post was a thing of beauty, Kenny.

  24. Ed says:

    Kenny, if you’d like, I can have my cat scratch the living Shit out of that little blue corksucker!

    On 2nd thought, if Kitty did that, there wouldn’t be anything left but a blue husk! Smurfette, anyone?

  25. good writing there man

  26. Kevin Kunz says:

    I have a question about Sammy Squirrel that I have never see addressed in all the tales

    He just ragged on you for taking SSDI, Rags on JCD for being an LEO, Hates on anyone taking any kind of Government check. OK I get it, No one is as pure as him and his sweet thang.
    So it seems now, back in the Cold War, while I was playing human shield at the Fulda Gap, or along the Korean DMZ I was actually just a parasite since I was being paid by coerced money. Yet who financed all of Sammy’s Death Merchant training and missions? Who sanctioned his ‘wet work at belt buckle distance’? If he didn’t do it under a government sanction (thereby being despicable parasite) then he is admitting on the internet to being a cold blooded murderer for hire….

    inquiring parasitic minds want to know

  27. Peter says:


    I’ve been without the internet for the last few days, and of course you post something good like this while I couldn’t get to it. Fuck me.

    Anyway, thanks for the mention, and I’ve posted some thoughts about all the Shrimpycake stuff here:


    PS: I see comments from time to time asking that you stop the Kerodin posts. Don’t listen to them! Sammy boy needs to have his ass kicked every day and twice on Sundays.

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