Sammy’s Sleazy Bullshit II

Continuing from comments of mine he refused to post yesterday…

Instead of the comment I posted in yesterdays post-he posted this response…

“No, Larry – it is you. You were told not to bother responding here – go post drivel at your own sites.

Others drew first blood and to this day they have not put forth a single injured person with a valid claim. They have brought this pox upon themselves.

Go away now.”

My response to that was…

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3 Responses to Sammy’s Sleazy Bullshit II

  1. cato says:

    Scammers like Special K have taken advantage of hardworking people through out the ages.
    Next he’ll be sending out letters from Nigerian Banks telling folks they are to inherit large sums of money, all he needs is their bank Info and SS Number for the transfer of funds.

    Once a deceiver, always a deceiver.
    His deception has caused more harm to good people than his imaginary combat skills and fictional expertise ever will.
    Once honor and integrity are lost, it can never be recovered, no matter who you wrongfully attack or how much smoke you blow up their backside.

    Some people just can’t help themselves, they just have to show everyone that they are the dishonorable POS that they were accused of being. At least Special K didn’t fail there, he excelled.

  2. d says:

    Wow, he continues to attack others while hiding behind a keyboard and hiding from those that have lawyers that would like to talk to him about the III finances, and from all indications, may not reside in Idaho any more. Whom was it that said “you’re a fcuking cunt for moving out of state secretly”? Why it was scammy.

    With the JFGS company being revealed to be owned by the kerodins, and without a known business license, I have a good feeling that you and Miller has successfully hit their last source of income hard and they are now truly grasping for straws to keep their heads above financial waters.

    Give it a few more months, or even weeks before they are broke, in jail or both.

  3. LimaFuckKerodineDelta says:

    I reckon by “blood”, little Bitch means the bleeding from his butt-hurt asshole when people started questioning and drawing conclusions. On top of that, Bitch wants men laying awake at night thinking about him? Fucking fruitcake.

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