Shit, everybody’s slamming Sammy

Larry stood in next to this vicious little fag until the evidence of his duplicitous douche baggery was overwhelming

I have had personal dealings with Larry and I can tell you a few things about him (Or not)

Larry is not the one who was convicted for extortion

Larry is not the one scamming people for money

Larry is not the one being chased across the country by bill collectors

Larry is not the one claiming to be things he is not

Maybe it’s not Larry after all

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13 Responses to Shit, everybody’s slamming Sammy

  1. Is that little girl still threatening people?

    • Wirecutter says:

      Nah, not really. He knows by now that nobody takes him seriously.

    • gamegetterII says:

      That shit he posted was a mix of fantasy,lies,half truthsand obfuscation.
      He has no clue about me,what went on during my successful cooking classes,or what I do for a living.
      Then there’s the fact that I work for my money,build things,repair things,and have many customers that I have done work for for over a decade- 14 years in one case.
      That’s what happens when you do quality work-something Scammy knows nothing about-it might fuck up his pink hands.

  2. Odysseus says:

    Maybe I’m late to this particular conclusion but I don’t think Scammy would recognize the “Streisand Effect” if it came up and introduced itself.

    90% of the exposure of his little scams comes from his petty ego, if this problem were any worse he’d have conned his way to the republican presidential nomination.

  3. Glider Rider says:

    Wirecutter, you would think (you as in all of us) with the state of affairs our U. S. of A. are in at this time, that Kerodin would put that personal stuff aside and concentrate on the trouble we are in. All of his personal attacks on you and yours just shows me that he is no more worried about the III movement than the man on the moon. There is no Patriotism there. Just my thoughts.

  4. Larkins says:

    Please don’t get Scammy busted or kicked off the internet. His blogs are pure entertainment and always good for a laugh when I’m having a bad day.

    The turd is still claiming the TOC is “staged”, and then bragged about 10k page views (all people that hate him, looking/laughing at his stupid ass). And for some reason pushing 80% lowers that some 8 year old has engraved with a III and an ace of spades into the aluminum without re-coating it is an achievement.

    I’m a younger guy and grew up seeing a lot of shit on the internet, but I’ve never seen anyone put up a blog post, then comment on it 5+ times as anonymous, and then like it with another one of his blog accounts. And his latest shit now with the horribly done memes is even better. Genuine idiocy like this is rare these days, it should be preserved.

    Kenny, you keep trying to reach the people that still follow him, but let me point out something. The only people that still support him either a) are doing it because he is making it worth their while $$$(Bill Nye), or b) are just straight up retarded (his blog commentators). Do you really want either group of people on your side?

    I know that Hymen (the untested pussy) has doxed you, MDT, and a few others and that pisses you off. Honestly though, should you really be putting info about yourself out there? What is the risk/reward in doing so? The internet is not a safe place, and if some unhinged lunatic can fuck with you, imagine what someone that’s not stupid can do. Remember when Rawles called out Sammy for being a probable con artist way back on Survivalblog, and little Sammy naturally called Rawles a lot of bad names? That was the extent of what he could do, because Rawles borders on paranoid when it comes to his personal info.

  5. Ed says:

    The only delusional POS C*nt that I know who is worse than the Blue Smurf is Hitlery Klintoon!

  6. Robert says:

    Ya know, I’ve been kind of a stalker of your site, rarely comment on your stuff. (Mostly checkin out the honeys and the humor) When I have some free time I read some of the “Kerodin follies” I’ve read his site’s stuff too and as someone with zero skin in this game, it occurs to me a couple of things:
    1. Sammy seems to have issues with things until those things are beneficial to him.
    2. Anyone who is thinned skinned enough to file charges over a post/comment or statement and actually call the authorities on a person is chicken shit.
    3. People fell for some con game, or a pipe dream at best and put some trust in a person who obviously was untrustworthy also shares in the blame for its outcome.
    4, Whenever a person escapes the state of Kalifornia, its reason to celebrate, so I poured a little on the ground for you homie.

    Good luck.

  7. John Smith. I'm a people person, damnit! I HAVE PEOPLE SKILLS! says:

    The awesome anniversary recap and some of the comments got me thinking about the Delicate Pink Handed Boy some more (I know, look out).

    His Walter Mitty-esque life story – especially the part about him being a wandering bad ass kung fu killerman – is even more hilarious when you realize that based on the psychology behind his response to any and all conflicts…there’s no way he’s ever spent even a few days as part of a wolf pack.

    Fighters…fight. It’s a part of what they do and who they are.

    Knuckledraggin has touched on this in some of his stories about his days in the USA.

    I’m certain MDT could throw out a dozen funny stories about ‘tussle time’ in an Infantry unit.

    The bottom line is if you spend even a part of your life as a fighter for one reason or another, in one of several capacities, conflict is not that big of a deal. It’s rarely personal. A moderate set of lumps is a moderate set of lumps. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I’ve been stitched up after a short knock-down-drag-out with a guy from the same unit more than once, and I’d probably be considered more amicable than most. And while I might not have been giving that guy drunk bro hugs the next night, it was a complete non-issue by the following weekend. Arguments happen, fights happen, disagreements happen…all the time over both important and stupid shit.

    The same principles apply to verbal arguments and serious conflicts of logic.

    Ever seen a guy when he gets into a serious physical altercation for the first time? Maybe in school, definitely in basic/boot/etc. for guys who were in the military. Total overreaction in terms of emotion, etc. If the first time a guy really takes a solid one in the face is when he’s 18 and in an unfamiliar place, with an unfamiliar crowd (basic)…all kinds of weird disproportionate responses can manifest themselves.

    I argued about the activities of some of the 3%ers in Oregon at MDT’s page or maybe it was Patton’s. I said up front I don’t rate as a 3%er when it comes weight of opinion, that my observations were an outsider’s. A few 3%s took issue with what I said, explained I was flat-out wrong, didn’t get it, etc.

    But they never got personal. The responses were not demeaning. Argumentative, but focused on the comment and the topic.

    Now look at how Pink Hands Boy responds when anyone challenges him on anything – and this is via text on the internet.

    The person who takes issue with any of his statements, claims, etc. is a traitor, a leech, a back-stabber, ‘THE ENEMY’, less-than-human, beneath contempt and not deserving of any recognition whatsoever. They become a ‘nonentity’.

    The funny contrast here is I’ve served with guys who were state champ wrestlers from serious programs, champ boxers at a service academy, guys who fought semi-pro and sometimes pro before they joined the military. I’ve seen them talk shit and each side was 100% convinced they were ‘right’ and it was never a big deal for one of them to smile and say “Well I guess we should go sort this out before the BBQ”. And when it was sorted, it was over and done.

    As hysterical as Pink Fists gets when challenged on the internet…there’s no f*cking way he’s a ‘knock around guy’ in real life.

    Of course we all knew this sans specific analysis already. From the contrast between “I’ll be waiting on my porch!” and his having the LEOs at the courthouse delay Knuckledraggin’s departure so a face-to-face, ‘belt-buckle range’ (AHHAHHHHAHAHHAHHHAHHAHHAHAHH) meeting would never, ever happen.

    Because if Lady Knuckledraggin’ was there and happened to video the ‘meeting’ on her phone…

    • Lisa Lane says:

      He would have had to put down his white man purse first….and frankly….I think that was his shield….once he got out from behind Akitas skirt.

      He probably had his blue ninja stars wrapped with ace bandages around him muffin top…maybe even a blue gun, course he coulda judy chopped something and then what woulda happened…you know the metal detectors would not have been able to pick up on those blue weapons of mash destruction! : )

      Are they made out of the same rubber as….large puppy chew toys??? Oh well it matters not….I am always ready with my camera!

      We usually carry doggie treats with us too. for Charlie and Lucy….so maybe we could have thrown him a bone….LOL

      Good puppy!

  8. idahobob says:

    What a pathetic little troll sammy secret squirrel is.


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