Militarized North Dakota Police Defend Pipeline Against Unarmed Water Protectors

police-dapl-urOn Wednesday, 21 water protectors were arrested by dozens of police in riot gear armed with shotguns and armored vehicles as tensions escalated in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Relations between water protectors with the Standing Rock Sioux and the police hired to protect the construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) deteriorated on Wednesday after police showed up dressed for a riot. A caravan of hundreds of water protectors were attempting to hold ceremony and pray for the end of the pipeline at two different sites of construction when police began surrounding them. The water protectors with the Red Warrior Camp and Sacred Stone Camp oppose the pipeline because of environmental dangers, as well as threats to indigenous sacred sites.

“Roughly 150 peaceful Water Protectors gathered for prayer near construction sites of the Dakota Access Pipeline 15 miles south of Mandan off Highway 6 and were met with a heavy show of force by authorities,” reads a post from the Sacred Stone Camp’s Facebook. “There were 3 airplanes, 2 helicopters, 2 militarized vehicles (with LRAD) and personnel armed with shotguns and assault rifles. All this was deployed on people praying.”
-Boots, who also sent along this comment with the link:

Protesters arrested for trespassing on private property. Ok, that’s fair. But showing up with MRAP and APC with ring mount turrets, cops in body armor with shotguns and sub-machine guns? Another show of terror by a militarized, mentally unbalanced, police department.

Check out these cops with shotguns in low ready position approaching protesters. That’s a show of force and an example of escalation. De-escalation would be to approach them unarmed and talk to them. No need to approach in a 3 man fire team when you’ve got armor behind you.

America is no longer the home of the free. And it remains to be seen if we’re brave.

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12 Responses to Militarized North Dakota Police Defend Pipeline Against Unarmed Water Protectors

  1. Exile1981 says:

    In fairness the protestors have attacked workers in recent weeks.

  2. rayvet says:

    While I am totally opposed to the current militarization the police departments seem to be experiencing lately, I’m even more opposed to people trying to block pipelines needed for our energy needs. It’s protesters like this that have prevented us from being the energy juggernaut we have the potential to be. If it’s not some obscure fucking fish with no ecological value or some hallowed burial grounds, there’s always some reason why they don’t want these pipelines to happen. Oh yeah, global warming. I forgot about that one.

    • Boots says:

      It’s a water pipeline, not oil.

      Oil should be trucked, not run thousands of miles across the country in pipes. Spillage from an oil pipeline burst is many times greater in volume than from a crashed oil truck. And if that burst was near your property you’d be just as pissed as the next guy and screaming “I TOLD them this would happen!”

    • Boots says:

      My apologies “rayvet”. WRONG PIPELINE PROTEST. You’re right. I’m wrong. NDAP IS OIL.

      Not wrong often but when I am I usually do it big and public, like I did here.

      Sorry again.

  3. Val says:

    Me, i am sick and tired of all leftist socialist protesters, make’em pay..Dearly!!

  4. Winston Smith says:

    Fuckers don’t want the pipeline? Tell them to come back after they have divested themselves of ALL petroleum products, including anything that uses them, like their cars and motorcycles.

    Or just shoot them NOW as a cost savings. FUCK the fucking hypocrites.

  5. Joe says:

    Both the pipeline protesters, and the “police state” police, serve in their respective roles to promote the insidious rise of the all-powerful State.

  6. Tennessee Budd says:

    So, did they have “assault rifles” (which would be the Sturmgewehr 44), or did they have submachine guns? I’d bet they had neither. More likely AR-platform semiauto or select-fire rifles, or M4-type carbines. I think the latter most likely, given that cops need to move in & around tight spaces.

  7. arc says:

    Protesters problem: they are peaceful, fang-less, sheep. Bite back for once.

    • They did bite back. Here in Iowa where the pipeline is going through, some tree hugging assholes burned over a million dollars worth of equipment. Now other tree hugging assholes are upset because the Governor has the State Patrol guarding the work sites.

  8. Just Saying says:

    Phosgene will do wonders to scatter them like the roaches they are… And sniper rifles are the proper weapon to deal with cops these days. No one around but targets. Watch them scatter when you pick off a few.

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