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Hillary Clinton – The Early Years

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Hey, she’s the one that insisted on going fishing with him

And he continues to drink his beer as he’s holding her hair…..

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On This Day

In 1399 Henry Bolingbroke is proclaimed King Henry IV of England upon the abdication of King Richard II. MORE In 1776 In a letter to his nephew, Lund Washington, plantation manager of Mount Vernon, General George Washington writes on this … Continue reading

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As promised…..

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You bet

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Rock on, Grandma

A tough-as-nails 90-year-old West Village woman stood her ground against a broad-daylight mugger on Tuesday — getting a nasty gash in her arm but keeping hold of her bag. “No woman is going to attack me!” petite and plucky Gina … Continue reading

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Another “Aw fuck” moment in time

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Gotta be California (again)

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An East Tennessee State University student was charged by police after he disrupted a Black Lives Matter event on campus by wearing a gorilla mask, carrying around a rope and trying to hand out bananas. A Johnson City Police Department … Continue reading

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Well, so much for the element of surprise…

I have no reason to doubt the title of the YouTube post. Holy crap! Did they leave an M4 or AR-15 leaning up against the garage door while they tried to break into the house? What was that dude in … Continue reading

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This is gonna hurt…

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The Final Battle

US SPECIAL forces are encircling a jihadi stronghold in Syria claimed by ISIS to be in old Islamic prophecy as the site of the final battle – triggering the apocalypse. According to the extremists’ twisted ideology, Dabiq – a tiny … Continue reading

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Abdul’s wet dream

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New Jersey train wreck

A train crashed into the terminal of the New Jersey Transit Hoboken station Thursday morning, injuring more than 100 people — many critically, officials said. Passengers posted pictures showing severe damage at the station around 8:45 a.m., with hordes of … Continue reading

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“I don’t know, it pulls to one side…”

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We’ve all driven beaters, right?

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Nice try, man

From Kerodin: Yeah. Sorry, Sammy. Fifteen years doesn’t vindicate you – that time frame makes it nothing more than a coincidence. You still tried to extort businessmen, you still were convicted, you still went to prison, you’re still a felon. … Continue reading

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Frank Canton

Sheriff Frank M. Canton was most notable for being the judge of Johnson County, Wyoming during the 1890s and he was the key player in the Johnson County War. He lead cattlemen and gunfighters all over the county to intimidate … Continue reading

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Yeah well, pass on the shoulder…..

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