Thanks again

I appreciate everybody’s advice on the computer issues and want you to know that I’ve read all the comments and took them into consideration.
I will be switching to a new operating system week after next. Why wait so long? Because I’m picking up my mother at the airport a little later and she’ll be here for a week to visit. I haven’t seen her in 6 months and I seriously doubt I’m going to have a lot of extra computer time.
Not only are we going to be catching up, but she’s into her genealogy stuff and her research has showed that her side of the family is originally from this area back in the early to mid 1800s (no, I didn’t know that when I moved here) so she’s going to be wanting to be ‘getting back to her roots’ so to speak.

But again, I will be heeding the advice that was given and I do thank you for taking the time and effort to pass it on. I may be contacting some of you via email for help or clarification – I hope you don’t mind.

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13 Responses to Thanks again

  1. I just wrote a comment but is not going to redo it.
    Basically said to get this:

    It’s win 7 pro..and solid state. Made for gubmint service. Has had seven people buy it on my recommendations. ALL of them love the thing.


    • Sedition says:

      Windows 7 is pushing it for security issues. They quit mainstream support back in 2015 and only offer extended support (just the basics) unless you have a paid subscription for non-security hotfix updates.
      The laptop looks cool, but I would update the OS. Hell, I’d probably wipe it and go Linux Mint on it anyway.

  2. JonT says:

    My Mum was into that genealogy stuff -until she went back and found an axe murderer in the family. Stopped then.

  3. drjim says:

    A new OS?

    Are you going Mac or Linux, Ken?

      • James says:

        Excellent choice with Linux,welcome to open source software,have used for awhile and while also not a computer tech have found it user friendly and a lot of folks willing to help others get started.

        Have a nice visit with your mum,am sure she digs deep enough with the genealogy will find a axe murderer or something equivalent,we all have em at some point in family tree

      • Winston Smith says:

        Sweet. My next computer is going to be Linux.
        Last time I stayed at a campground I got cut off for ‘excessive usage’ of WiFi and subsequent investigation showed how easy it is to change your MAC address in Linux so you can suck up ALL their bandwidth every night. Fuck with me, and I fuck back. (and no it wasn’t porn….well some gunporn in there maybe).

        (thanks all, but yes, I have found a MAC change program that will work on win7)

      • ikdr says:

        Good choice. However, there are many, many flavors of Linux. If you haven’t decided which one yet, this may be helpful:

      • pdwalker says:

        We’ll turn you into a computer nerd yet!

  4. 15Fixer says:

    Isn’t Linux the one that sucks his thumb and carries his blanket around?

  5. Boots says:

    We’re hoping to read hear all about your relative Kenneth “Two Gun” Lane and his times with The North West Company.

  6. pigpen51 says:

    My only comment will be to say have a wonderful visit with your mom and I hope she has safe travels. Ignore the blog as much as possible, your mom is more important.

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