This is not looking good, folks

Washington (CNN)As an estimated 10,000 Syrian-led ground troops amass east of Aleppo, the US is considering a tougher response to Russia over its support for the Assad regime and its role in the bombardment of the city, senior administration officials told CNN.

The troops have gathered in advance of what is believed to perhaps be a final ground assault over the coming days by Syrian government forces against rebels holding the key city, in what one US official described as an unprecedented degree of firepower to be unleashed on the besieged area.
While no decisions have been made about moving against Russia, American consideration of more aggressive actions comes amid a threat by Secretary of State John Kerry Thursday to halt diplomacy with Moscow over Syria.

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18 Responses to This is not looking good, folks

  1. TEXASLEGAL says:

    Why the fuck are we even over there in the first place??? Fuck Syria and Russia, get us out of there.

  2. Allen says:

    What could go wrong with this crew in charge?

  3. Angel says:

    “What is Aleppo?”
    ~Gary Johnson
    Libertarian Presidential Candidate

  4. rightwingterrorist says:

    Been paying attention, right?
    They want war with Russia.
    Just about the dumbest thing in the world.
    Besides war with China.

  5. rightwingterrorist says:

    May just come down to they want the world population to be 500 million.
    That’s one hell of a reduction.

    • bikermailman says:

      It’s sure a good thing we don’t have someone who advocates such a forced reduction, like John Holdren, at the President’s ear…oh, wait.

  6. JSW says:

    “…a threat by Secretary of State John Kerry…”

    Putin’s laughing at that fucking traitor Kerry every night before he goes to bed.

  7. Curtis says:

    2 video’s that debunks everything State Dept., SecDef, Dept. of Defense has fed the American people… by people who have actually been there.

    These aren’t fly-by-night videos. These people are the real deal.

  8. warhorse says:

    can we just give the whole mess to the kurds, and let them sort it out? I seriously don’t care if they become tyrannical despots, if that’s what it takes. just let them have the whole thing.

  9. Dan says:

    War is and has always been a tried and true mechanism for people seeking to obtain and retain power to use in that quest. Those in charge are scared shitless that Trump might find a way to win
    even WITH all the voter fraud and machine hacking. They are busy lining up their ducks to create a
    national emergency of some type to use as a means to expand power and control. We (the US) have ZERO skin in the game in Syria yet we are risking WWIII…..qui bono. Who stands to gain from this insanity.

  10. Andy says:

    It seems curious to me that this administration would even consider such actions this late in the grand pubah’s game. What purpose does it serve? To drop a war – likely a world war into the hands of the next admin? As an excuse to usurp the remaining fragments of the constitution? After all look at who would be running things, a known criminal or an inexperienced buffoon. Is this why he campaigns for his successor? After all he’s made it clear that a vote for Jezebel, er, HRC is the same as voting a third term for him. Unfortunately, Jezebel faces jail time and cannot screw, er “serve” the country. Who didn’t know the latest cease fire would fail before the ink was dry? Why bother? “Well, we did ALL we could to prevent this.”

    At this point I’m just trying to figure the game within the game.

  11. ed357 says:

    Why would anyone want to get in the middle of moslems killing moslems?

    After the moslem on moslem genocide is over……the winning side of the moslem religion of peace will turn their war machine on all of us infidels……

    and by infidels….I’m talking about the “Believers of the Cross”, the homosexuals, the feminists, the liberals…….just anybody that is not a moslem…..


  12. bogsidebunny says:

    Nukes and plenty of them are the only solution that will end this crap that Obama started!

  13. itor says:

    Look up Kermit Roosevelt, 1953, Iran, overthrow of government, by US government, for benefit of an elite few – to include Saudis and the UK.

    The US created a coup. The same players did this again in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, and now Syria.

    The goal is multi-faceted:

    Destroy Shiite majority countries (Saudi is Sunni)
    Ensure continued US dollar hegemony
    Control of oil producing countries
    Construct a natural gas pipeline to Ukraine, and Europe to remove Russian dominance, enabling a split of Ukraine from Russia to Europe, thus enlarging the EU – better for the globalists, not for Ukrainians, or Americans for that matter.
    Forced tribal/ethnic mixing of incompatible cultures (sound familiar?) to ensure that no viable threat can arise against the globalists.

    Whenever lamestream media and government say the same things – you are being lied to.

  14. loaded4bear says:

    There are times that I am glad to be on the down slope side of life.

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