A Texas A&M University freshman was arrested Wednesday night after police said she hit the back of a parked police car while taking a nude Snapchat photo, according to an affidavit obtained by mySA.com.
Miranda Kay Rader, 20, hit a parked police car Wednesday around 8:30 p.m. in the 2500 block of East Villa Maria Road, about five miles north of the Texas A&M campus in College Station.
Bryan Police Officer John Sartell was responding to a disturbance call in the area when he heard “a vehicle braking hard,” and he saw a gray Acura SUV crash into his parked patrol car, the affidavit states. Sartell said he found Rader in the gray Acura, with the airbags deployed, and she was not wearing a shirt.

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5 Responses to GO AGGIES!!!

  1. crazyeighter says:

    I’m glad to read about a college kid that isn’t all SJW for a change.

  2. Steve S. says:

    Hmmmm? I wonder how the selfie turned out.

  3. Bryce says:

    Flash em, Aggies!
    FYI…WHOOP is a general expression of approval among Aggies.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Wait a minute. Isn’t she the one who gets “rear-ended” by the officer? At least that’s what happens when I watch “Cops & Cooze” on the porn sites.

  5. Btroll says:

    All airbags and funbags were deployed.

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