I miss Uncle Jerry

I’m now 4 years older than Jerry was when he died. Scary, ain’t it?

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7 Responses to I miss Uncle Jerry

  1. Ptown Pete says:

    Oy – me too…

  2. Jesse Bogan says:

    Yeah, no foolin… Sure can spend some time on you tube with e…

  3. =Tedison Wrangler= says:

    Driving up 99 north of Bakersfield in ’95, the local FM station was playing nonstop Grateful Dead tunes. Cool!
    Eventually the DJ announced Garcia had passed away overnight. Kicked my ass…

    RIP, Jerry.

    I’ve been saying this for years: If kids would join the Scouts, and listen to the Grateful Dead (instead of whatever the fuck they are doing these days) this country would be a better place.


    I think I’m an alright guy…

    • Wirecutter says:

      I was working nights then and my ex came in and woke me up to tell me. That was a wake-n-bake day for sure.

      • =T.W.= says:

        Shocked and saddened when I heard this. Spent the next couple of hours recalling memories associated w/ the Dead since I discovered the band in ’70 or ’71. Also friends who had passed on since then.
        When I got where I was going it seemed appropriate to burn one in Jerry’s honor.
        The songs are like old friends now.

  4. James says:

    Eh,never a big Dead fan,did go to 4 shows,why,Laurie/Laurie/Alicia/Amy,not all at the same time of course,hmmmmm…….

  5. screwauger says:

    I’ve been a living flashback ever since Jerry passed. 1600 songs on my iphone and 98% are dead concerts, old and in the way tunes and the pizza tapes with an odd NRPS thrown in.

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