Meanwhile, in Detroit…..


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  1. Bob says:

    A tree-house without the tree! Looks a lot like with my new illegal immigrant neighbors have built for their new home, something I would not get within a hundred feet of during a mild wind gust.

  2. Gnome Sane says:


  3. Alex Lund says:

    Are you sure it is Detroit?
    It reminds me more of houses in Eastern Europe in villages that were abandoned.

  4. rick says:

    You should read up on NittWitt Ridge in Cambria, CA. The stupid state even designated it a historical landmark.

    Many times I had met Art. He would’ve told the meddling state to fuck off. I loved it that he would buy a new Caddy from time to time and immediately cut it up to make a pick up bed over the trunk and back seats. He def marched to his own tune. Now all these artsy fartsy clingers try to deify him for doing what they are afraid to do. Art was his own man. He was nice enough but didn’t take kindly to shit for brains mealy mouth idiocy.

  5. favill says:

    I’m originally from the Canadian side of the Detroit River…and when I was a kid driving around Detroit you’d see some pretty nice looking, big, old houses from the Victorian Era to around the 1920s. I went to visit my folks this past weekend…Detroit is a dead city. My 18 yr old son said it best…”From this (Canadian) side of the river it looks like a modern bustling city…but the minute you go over there you realize it’s pretty crappy.”

    • kennymac says:

      Yep. That’s exactly right. There is a little bit of rejuvenation Downtown but the overall city continues it’s decline. The Progs that ran what was once the richest city in the world into the ground are excited about a little bit of growth, mostly generated using other people’s money. “Regionalism” is the new catch phrase to fleece the suburbanites. But the future is a dead end because the schools are FUBAR and bankrupt all on their own. No one with kids is considering moving to Detroit. Contrast that with Quebec, which really is a sister city of Detroit historically and the difference is breathtaking.

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