Oh well, what are you gonna do…..

A woman has won $1 million (£819,000) after buying a scratch card to prove to her husband that lottery tickets were a waste of money.
Glenda Blackwell from Leicester in North Carolina was asked by her husband Buddy to buy two Powerball tickets, reports WPXI.
To prove what a waste of money the state lottery is, the 57-year-old ignored his request and bought a $10 (£8.20) Powerball scratch card for herself.

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2 Responses to Oh well, what are you gonna do…..

  1. Dan says:

    When she got home she told her husband “I won a million dollars on the lottery, Pack your bags!” He asked, “Should I pack for the seashore, or for the mountains?” She replied, “I don’t care which one you pack for, just get the hell out!”

  2. Grognard says:

    Well THAT will teach him.

    dont waste your money on Lotto tickets, buy scratchers.

    L :) L

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