Thank you Huma, thank you Weiner…..

According to the polls over at Real Clear Politics, Trump has a 4 point lead over Clinton.

I’ll keep you posted when Huma and Anthony go missing or are found dead.

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14 Responses to Thank you Huma, thank you Weiner…..

  1. Andrew says:

    And that 4 point lead is with the “left adjusted” numbers. Can you imagine what the poll results would be if the real results were announced?

  2. Weiner is probably trying to cut any and every deal he can, begging for witness protection. As a kiddie diddler he won’t last long in prison and if the Clintons think he is a threat he will commit suicide by shooting himself in the back or dropping a 300 pound barbell on his throat or something.

  3. Harry says:

    Found with a suicide note and a bullet wound to the back of the head…

  4. Tom Smith says:

    I think he always had a bit of a lead

  5. Col. Angus says:

    Not going to get smug just yet, but if this goes the way it should I’ll be dancing a little jig next Wednesday.

    Wouldn’t it be the damnedest ironies of all time if our country was rescued from the Clinton crime syndicate at the last minute by, of all people………………………..Carlos Danger?

  6. Judy says:

    “I’ll keep you posted when Huma and Anthony go missing or are found dead.” And their son to be raised by which grandmother? The one who raised a pedophile or the one tied to the Muslim Brotherhood? Poor Kid!

  7. Chris says:

    And now there are reports from NYPD sources who are saying Cankles, Bill, and the Weinz all used the Pedophile Billionaire’s jet to travel and use the services of underage sex slaves. One term bandied about is International Child Sex Slave Ring. Apparently Cankles likes little girls.

    • crazyeighter says:

      One advisory I read this morning (trying desperately to remember where) stated that “pedophile sex ring” was going to be the phrase of the week.

  8. Wirecutter says:

    Nope, I read it correctly. Johnson and Stein don’t stand a chance.

  9. Leonard Jones says:

    I think it is going to be a bigger trump blowout than the recent polls are showing.
    PJ O’Rourke went to Nicaragua to report on the presidential election Reagan
    forced on Daniel Ortega. Every poll had the commie wining in a landslide.
    He missed a few clues however. Who the hell is going answer the G man
    with the clipboard that he was voting for the opposition candidate. The
    other issue (And this relates to Trump,) is that O’Rourke realized too late
    that people do not walk ten miles to the polls to vote for the status quo.

    Hillary has been busing the same 300 people to all of her staged campaign
    events. Nobody in America bought her latest ghost written book. She cannot
    draw flies even if she took off her Depends! Meanwhile, Trump is drawing 5
    to 10 thousand or more at virtually every rally he holds. Hillary’s veep
    candidate only drew 30 people at a campaign event in Florida. She cannot
    inspire anyone. Her screeching voice does nothing but remind men of their
    bitch from hell ex wife. She cannot run on her miserable record.

    Doug Schoen, the long time Democrat campaign strategist just basically said
    screw the bitch, and dumped her based on her naked criminality. He is
    predicting a 1980 style landslide.

    PS Unlike the 90’s when people went to jail and prison by the score rather than
    rat out the Clinton’s, I believe that Carlos Danger will sing like Parakeet! If
    he has to serve thousands of 3 year consecutive terms, he might get out in
    time to see the sun go supernova. He will rat out the communist lesbian in
    the Mao Jacket in a heartbeat. The fear of going to prison will turn him
    into a whimpering pussy!

  10. Stretch says:

    The file containing the e-mails was labeled “Life Insurance.”
    Carlos Danger won’t be getting a policy renewal from his insurance company.

  11. kennymac says:

    Someone put a lot of effort into the gathering and releasing of this information. My understanding is that Wikileaks only distributes the info. The waterboarding of the Clinton campaign is a beautiful thing to watch. But it is Halloween, and let’s hope the bitch stays dead.

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