Yeah, I never expected anything different from Beck

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck took to his Facebook page last Saturday to urge his followers to abandon support of Republican nominee Donald Trump, declaring that if such an action results in the election of Hillary Clinton, “so be it” because “[a]t least it is a moral, ethical choice.”


Well, what do you expect from somebody that hosted Sam and Nervous Holly Kerodin on his show?
Actually, Kerodin stated publicly that the Glenn Beck Show was the only media show that he would go on to discuss the citadel.
Looks like they were made for each other.

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11 Responses to Yeah, I never expected anything different from Beck

  1. John Deaux says:

    Once apon a time I would occasionally check out his Fox News show, lots of conspiracy theories about everything but he did host a couple good 4th of July celebrations on the capital grounds. Somewhere he lost his mind and fell into eventually oblivion, thank god. I had totally forgot about him until he tagged onto Cruz’s wagon and the whole Cheetos idiocy. In my opinion if he says it’s blue the truth is it’s red. He needs to go tend to his bankruptcy so fuck him.

  2. drjim says:

    I stopped listening to Glen Beck several years ago.

    His program on Sirius/XM had turned into one long commercial for all the junk he was hawking…

  3. Gordon says:

    Trunp wasn’t my first choice but he will be my choice on election day. If Hillary is elected, I want my grandchildren to know I was in no way responsible for it.

  4. Grandpa says:

    Scambo and Beck are peas in a pod… for laughs, I read Scambo’s post about the debate; he said Trump beat Hillary but good – and he should know (he says…) because he’s been in the beating business for decades…
    I think we are all on the same page in understanding just WHAT Sammy’s been beating…
    Also, the lll% garrote is now up to $140…

  5. ChuckN says:

    I have listened to Beck over the years and many things I like.
    I find his books are well researched and often spot on. He does
    bring up connections the many other talking-heads miss. And
    he’s a large proponent of preserving our history.

    Over the years he has also kept the brief to vote for who you
    believe in not the lesser-of-two-evils. So at least he has some
    modicum of consistency.

    All that said, he’s really missed the boat with Trump. I don’t
    think he understands that people are so pissed off that they’re
    willing to vote for an a$$ who’s never been a politician rather
    than take a chance on a smooth talking RINO or feckless

    Anyway, here’s my take on his latest show.

    On Columbus day his minions were talking about the debate
    and stated that Trump’s assertion that he would pursue the
    Hildebeast on criminal charges reeks of dictatorships and
    tyrannical government.

    At no point did they acknowledge that the current administration
    has openly weaponized its agencies to pursue any opposition.

    At no point did they state that establishment politicians (in
    particular Libs) have over the years stacked the courts with activist
    judges who see the Constitution as an impediment to their authority.

    At n point did they state that no other major candidate is US history
    has ever been under active investigation for multiple felonies.

    At no point did they acknowledge that government has been
    manipulated so that agencies now oversee themselves and are not
    accountable to anyone.

    At no point did they acknowledge that It is the republican party that
    has allowed Obama to run roughshod over the Constitution.

    At no point did they acknowledge that the number of crimes
    knowingly and openly committed by our government
    in the recent past, or that many of these crimes, if judged under
    the law and not political influence would indeed result in
    mass incarceration among government workers including hefty
    jail sentences and quite possibly more than a life sentence.

    And lastly, at no point they did offer a way to deal deal with
    government bureaucrats and politicians that have broken the law
    and are being protected by the DOJ, FBI et al without taking a
    dictatorial looking stance in order to even start rooting out the

    After considering all of this I simply don’t think that Beck, or his
    cohorts, are willing to admit that the time for working within the
    system is drawing to a close if not passed by already.

  6. Winston Smith says:

    I hope somebody’s keeping a list of the traitorous RHINOs for future reference. Hell, I hope EVERYONE is doing so.

    And btw, add TN gov bill haslem to that list. He is antigun (see statements while mayor of knoxville) and only signed the pro gun bills while the gov because of the massive veto overrides that were pending.

  7. millerized says:

    Guilty by association, and have been ever since. Looks like that will never change.

  8. josey whales says:

    you keep posting this many pictures of big, dripping wet pussies and somebody is going to blacklist you as a porn site.

  9. gumbodunker says:

    We are on the cusp of change in America, I used to tune into Beck and truly wanted to think he was on the right path. Now I realize he is nothing but a publicity hound who thinks of himself as a prophet. His cohorts Pat and Stu are the finishing touch for me, their childlike rants are proof that his show is down the tubes. We are all in this boat together, steel yourselves for the election and following chaos!

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