Yeah, I’m not impressed


Cornrows look ridiculous enough as it is but on a white boy?

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10 Responses to Yeah, I’m not impressed

  1. Will says:

    That is Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. It is a gag from the show. Not real.

    BTW – I think you would like the character.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Corn-rows on a white dude in prison will guarantee he get corn-holed!

  3. CC says:

    Crackah rows?

  4. Peter H says:

    I thought it was from “Star Trek; The Snowflake Generation…”

  5. PawPaw says:

    Yeah, that’s Ron Swanson. I don’t remember which episode.

  6. Jive Talkinfool says:

    Ron Fuckin’ Swanson Baby!

  7. Mike Papa says:

    Fun Fact-

    After returning from Rwanda Africa, my father asked me if all the black guys in my neighborhood were gay. When I asked why he said that in Africa cornrows were strictly for women…and gay men.

    • Same thing for the pants around the knees (willing bottom in prison).

      These people are going to discover the joy of Traction alopecia:

      • Leonard Jones says:

        One of my all time favorite stories was some dumb ass liberal
        white chick asked a Kenyan if they spoke Ebonics in his country.
        His response was they “We speak the Kings English in this
        country Madam.”

        PS While I never watched the show, I nearly pissed myself
        over the episode where Swanson went into a “Whole Foods”
        type health food store. Someone offered him some vegan

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