Deadly storms across northern Alabama

At least five people have died and seven have been injured after severe weather and reported tornadoes tore across the states of Alabama and Tennessee early Wednesday, destroying dozens of structures, including a 24-hour daycare facility.

The National Weather Service confirmed three fatalities after a reported tornado destroyed homes and businesses in the town of Rosalie.

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6 Responses to Deadly storms across northern Alabama

  1. carl butler says:

    it’s this damned warm weather, not supposed to be this hot this time of the year but it does happen from time to time.

  2. I live in Arley Al., these tornados were about a 1/4 mile from our house. It hit about 9 pm. It ran about 6 miles to Helicon the next little town. Chicken houses that had stood for 60 years, old barns, old farm houses, and several new homes were destroyed. We had a few injuries but thankfully no one was killed is this area.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Must’ve been a scary time for you. A quarter mile ain’t nothing.
      Not being from around here I didn’t think tornadoes happened in the winter.

      • Toothless Dawg says:

        Phone rang at 3:30am this morning. Raining and thunder outside … the announcement was from Cumberland County announcing a Tornado Warning.

      • Gnome Sane says:

        Yeah, we had one tear through here in Jan. 2012. Came within 150 yards or so from the house, sucked all our trees down. House next door was destroyed. We were damned lucky.

  3. We’re in the Tornado Alley as they call it. The sirens were going off and had time to get to the basement. And tornados can spring up about any time, most especially Spring, Fall, Winter.

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