For the ‘nature lovers’ in the big city


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12 Responses to For the ‘nature lovers’ in the big city

  1. Deb says:


  2. Angeleyes says:

    Aren’t cities beautiful? Said nobody I care to associate with.

  3. Unclezip says:

    I’d be stark, raving bat nuts in just a few days.

  4. C.R. says:

    I have to think that the BEST part of a visit to NYC would have to be the part where it is in the rearview mirrors! Never been there,no desire to go.

  5. JIm Collins says:

    Well, yeah, fuck NYC. But it’s amazing how wildlife adapts. I live in one of the very few un-zoned cities on the face of the planet (Beautiful scenic Houston Texas), in the heart of the city, and I see all sorts of raptors, songbirds, and migratory waterfowl. I see anhingas, wood ducks, cinnimon tree ducks, herons of the great blue, Louisiana, lesser, tricolor, black crowned and yellow crowned varieties. I’ve seen nesting peregrine falcons outside a window in downtown, and sandhill cranes. My brother (who knows his birds) saw a pair of BALD EAGLES from his front porch. The neighborhood watch has constant warnings about raptors and coyotes going after (sob) kittens and (puppies) and (no sob here) purse dogs. I’ve seen the odd red fox and whitetail deer not 3 miles from where I live on Braes Bayou, in the heart of downtown Houston. We get ALLIGATORS in the serious DT area (that’s Buffalo Bayou, which turns into the Ship Channel). Even a damn Manatee got bewildered and ended up in Downtown Houston.
    But fuck NYC.

  6. kennymac says:

    Even I couldn’t get lost in those “woods”. But as much as I enjoy the woods, I admit that there is an excitement to big cities and I do enjoy visiting them.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I get so aggravated at the traffic that it blows the whole visit for me.
      My ex used to love going to San Francisco and always wondered why I came home pissed off – it’s because she didn’t have to drive.

  7. Jayhawk46 says:

    Took me over an hour to drive across that skinny island. PITA, especially if you’re driving an E-350 panel van.

  8. DBishop says:

    A little island paradise, surrounded by the concrete jungle – filled with all kinds of savages.

  9. Two words:
    Crime Magnet.

    Yeah…go to the park and get raped and murdered.

  10. Soapweed says:

    1973: my pop said “you ARE going on the senior trip….. or you’ll never ever go back there… well, we were off to DC and a later day trip to NYC, thirteen of us from Colo. The report [most impressive impressions] that we had to write up upon return, had three of us impressed with the sewage floating around the statue of liberty and six of us said the most impressive item was the incredible amounts of dog shit on the NYC sunday morning sidewalks. People live like this????Why???

  11. Russ Nixon says:

    And yet, on the other side of that bridge you see in the upper center, is the start of a trail that runs north to the Canadian border. It is comprised of the “Long Path”, the “Appalachian Trail” and the “Long Trail”. It’s called “The New England Traverse”.

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