Here it comes again

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police officer Brentley Vinson shot 43-year-old Scott when he refused to drop a gun during an incident on September 20. The shooting prompted two nights of rioting during which National Guard troops were deployed to the city.
After Vinson’s attorney announced that he would not face charges and that Vinson had “acted lawfully” in using deadly force, Charlotte Uprising, a coalition of protest groups, immediately revealed plans to mass outside Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police headquarters at 6:35pm this evening.


In my earlier post I said it was too cold to riot and a resident of the area responded that it was 73 degrees and balmy.

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4 Responses to Here it comes again

  1. Winston Smith says:

    You gotta be some kind of Special Snowflake to not drop your gun when the cops draw down on you.
    Or the kind of Stupid that evolution doesn’t favor.

    I clock this one up to good on the cops for some gene pool disinfecting. Then again, it is Infowars so who knows.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    Currently 60 degrees, but raining like hell.

    The fair weather rioters will be out in the morning (Thursday) after a crack-r-jacks wake up snort and and their “Ripple soaked” breakfast munchies.

  3. massimo7 says:

    I don’t know now that the election is over it will be interesting to see what happens and to what degree.

  4. Gnome Sane says:

    Black Thursday Christmas shopping coming up.

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