I’m pretty sure she’s safe


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9 Responses to I’m pretty sure she’s safe

  1. Looks like a small Neapolitan Mastiff

  2. Fjord says:

    Dogue de Bordeaux

  3. C.R. says:

    Thats a big fuckin dog ! Nobody is going to violate her presonal space .

  4. Boots says:

    That’s the small version!? Would love to see the large size.

  5. Bogdaddy says:

    The ‘family size’ version is the giant mastiff. A couple I knew had one and he ate threats to his mistress! Only problem with his enormous appetite was that he drooled a great deal.

  6. Dan says:

    Wonderful thing….a big dog that will protect his owner. My daughter has a 95# lab/bull mastiff mix.
    He’s the most handsome solid powerful dog I’ve ever met. And he worships her. I don’t worry too much about her safety with that dog around.

  7. Rod says:

    Yea, and he’s sitting there like he means business. Love it

  8. Charlie says:

    Looks like he’s thinking “You eyeballin’ me, boy ?”.

  9. fjord says:

    Unfortunately they don’t live very long. Average age for a mollossoid type dog is 5-7 yrs. Same as for Great Danes.

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