Puppycide in Detroit

A group of Detroit police officers executing a narcotics search warrant knocked on Nikita Smith’s door on January 14, 2016. The only fact that both Smith and the officers agree on after that point is that, a short while later, Smith’s three dogs were all shot dead.

What really happened in the moments between could be a costly question for the city of Detroit. In a federal civil rights lawsuit filed in May, Smith says the Detroit police executed her three pit bulls, Debo, Mama, and Smoke, without provocation. Essentially, they acted as a “dog death squad.”

According the lawsuit, Smith tried to tell the officers she was putting her dogs away, and placed two in the basement and one in the bathroom. As the officers burst into the house, Debo slipped back upstairs. The officers shot it as it sat down by Jones. Next, they charged into the basement and shot Mama, who was pregnant and backed into a corner. Finally, they moved onto the bathroom, where Smoke was closed in.

One of the officers cracked the door open, peeked inside, and closed it again. “Should we do that one, too?” the officer asked, according to the lawsuit, before two of them fired through the closed door, killing Smoke.

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13 Responses to Puppycide in Detroit

  1. 1980XLS says:

    TBP has an article a while back. Some interesting comments and link on the subject.


  2. C.R. says:

    The thing that bothers me the most.is a Police dog is treated the same as any other officer,mess with one and the penalties can be severe But,the cops can walk in and blast YOUR dogs and its alright ? B.S. !! Would they come in and blast your aquarium if the pharrinah looked at him funny ?

  3. Dave says:

    Those and all other cops who do that should be forced to watch their children skinned alive then their eyes gouged out so that will be the last thing they ever see. And that’s the kindest thoughts I have for them.

    • JSW says:

      Rather than harm the non-combatants, why not spread-eagle the offending cop between two trees and just skin him? Start with his dick, let him watch while he kicks and screams. Then gouge his eyes out.

  4. Alan says:

    Unfortunately, parts of the law enforcement community are working from a position of fear, where the least little thing that interferes with total domination of the situation escalates to lethal use-of-force almost immediately. Dogs? Had to deal with them back when I wore the sheriff’s hat, in a large-ish farming/rural county. Concerned but never feared them, but I had the larger size ASP baton that I could (and did) snap out in an instant. Never had to even draw my weapon on a dog, although I may admit I had to administer a ‘slight correction’ at times.

  5. Shane says:

    Our dogs are part of our family. Coming in our home and shooting our dogs would be equal, in my eyes, to shooting one of my children. My actions from that moment forward would be based on that view.

    • Sunny says:

      I agree with your viewpoint totally. The sob’s would not live long it they pulled something like that here at my house.
      For them to shoot through a CLOSED door to kill a dog – oh, that makes me so pissed!
      A lawsuit may be filed but the defendants wouldn’t be found to answer such suit.

  6. Sedition says:

    Why can’t they just go and shoot some rioters and leave the fuckin’ dogs alone?
    And I agree…a cop that shoots my dog is a dead cop.

  7. fjord says:

    someone who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot your dog, probably wouldn’t hesitate to shoot you.

    I think this might be the conditioning some cops are getting.

    even the females seem to have roid rage.

    it’s almost like they go out of their way to choose a particular type for law “enforcement”.

    welcome to the borg.

  8. Andrew says:

    My wife is in a wheelchair and has a nice service dog to help her. Because she’s not a little twig, my wife got a dog that was bred for farm work, pulling carts and stuff like that. Her dog is a nice Rottweiler. Everyone loves the dog, been accepted in a federal courthouse when I was watching the dog when my wife was in hospital.

    But, had one asswipe cop (of the PD that I worked for) tell my wife that if she didn’t do something, he would arrest her and put her dog in the local shelter (which kills all large dogs within 24 hours, no questions asked.) Asshole cop did this in front of me. Asshole administration supported him when I went to his superiors to try to explain why the cop was wrong. Was out of a job within 3 months after that.

    Urban cops do love killing dogs. And, yes, on search warrant planning, they do talk about shooting dogs during the search warrant. They don’t get animal control out to help. They don’t care.

    Assholes all.

  9. Winston Smith says:

    If anyone ever killed one of my dogs, my sole remaining mission in life would be to avenge him/her. And damn the consequences. That dog killer would kill no more.

    When we see MEN doing what needs to be done, this shit will stop.

  10. Boots says:

    Would be a real shame if something happened to the pet dog of a dog killing cop.

    Someday, somewhere, some dog owner is gonna shoot dead the cop that shoots the dog owner’s dog for no good reason. Poetic justice.

  11. JeremyR says:

    Just take the cops who do stuff like that and tattoo their face. A simple “I cost the tax payers of Detoilet $100,000.00 because I killed a pet” would go a long way in curbing their enthusiasm.

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