Say what?

GULFPORT, Miss. (AP) – A Mississippi attorney is suing Popeyes after he says he choked when he had to eat a piece of fried chicken with his hands because a knife wasn’t included in his drive-thru order.


One of the things that I’ve learned from life is that not everything bad that happens in life can be prevented. Sometimes you just gotta chalk it up to being ‘one of those things’. Shit happens.
But I’m thinking that if the lawyer had chewed up his fried chicken before swallowing he probably wouldn’t have choked. Besides, who eats fried chicken with a knife and fork anyways?

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17 Responses to Say what?

  1. JeremyR says:

    A liar err lawyer choking on a piece of chicken is not a bad thing. The question is how to NOT prevent that more often.

  2. Kurt says:

    Has to be a carpetbagger. 1) As you said, who besides snooty yankees eats fried chicken with a knife and fork, and 2) every Good Ol’ I’ve met carries a pocket knife of some sort. Of course he is a lawyer, a species lower than whale shit in the Mariana Trench. Shame the chicken didn’t win.

  3. Unclezip says:

    The Baroness does. Go figure. But she’s from Queens, so I tend to overlook the strange habits, some of which make this Southern boy go “whaaat?”

  4. fjord says:

    A Mississippi attorney is suing Popeyes after he says he choked when he had to eat a piece of fried chicken with his hands because a knife wasn’t included in his drive-thru order.

    are the guy’s legs broke that he couldn’t walk into the place and get one if it was so necessary?

    Take personal responsibililty for your actions and quit being such lazy ass.
    Just looking for their personal “lottery”.

    • Scurvy says:

      Anyone want to bet he research the case law before going to the restaurant and found that he had a better chance of getting money from the chain by using the drive-threw?

      If he “found” and aggrieved party that he could represent he would have to “share” the settlement. So he set himself up.

      • crazyeighter says:

        Kinda risky on his part there; who would perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a known attorney?

    • crazyeighter says:

      Since he’s a lawyer, we know his mouth isn’t broken, so he could have asked for one. (Or perhaps he thought he’d be charged more for it.)

  5. C.R. says:

    You know why they bury lawyers seventeen feet under ground? Because deep down lawyers are OK

  6. Billybob says:

    Choking on chicken, or choking his chicken hummmm.

  7. Robert Evans says:

    Putting his law degree for work, hoping for a settlement from Popeye’s. Gotta get paid.

    • crazyeighter says:

      I wonder if the “He who represents himself has a fool for a client” applies in this case.

  8. Chuck says:

    So who does he sue when they give him a knife and he wrecks his car while trying to cut his chicken while driving?

  9. Drew in Michigan says:

    Oh and the coffee was…..oh wait that worked out great for her…never mind, the stupid it hurts

  10. harbqll says:

    Mississippi. Figures. Frikkin bridge-hitters could break an anvil.

  11. Richard Rix says:

    Wow, must be a Yankee trial lawyer. I mean not knowing how to eat fried chicken? I am reminded of Ford’s visit to Texas and Gerald tried to eat the corn husk wrapping the tamale.
    I hope he gets a all black jury. Trying to explain that you can’t eat fried chicken with your fingers? Man that’s why southerners fried chicken to begin with for box lunches, to allow one to eat without the necessity of silverware.

  12. ExpatNJ says:

    Attorney shamed by his own family into dropping lawsuit against Popeyes after he sued the chicken chain when he choked. A Mississippi attorney has dropped his lawsuit filed against Popeyes after he says he choked on a piece of chicken when the fast-food…

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