Yeah, it’s time for some Top

Fuck you if you ain’t into it.

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18 Responses to Yeah, it’s time for some Top

  1. Jim Jerzycke says:


    One of my favorite bands…..

  2. Charlie says:

    November 1975, Houston, TX, their Fandango album had just come out.
    I had just arrived into Houston a couple of weeks earlier.
    I had just turned 18.
    They played at The Summit.
    Wimmins everywhere.
    One of the best nights I ever had.

  3. Ed says:

    Right on! I even like the chicken if the sauce is not too blue!

  4. CharlieH says:

    1974 first annual barn dance and bbq UT stadium Austin TX zz top,, bad company, joe cocker and santana I was 14, one of my dad’s girlfriends took me and my brother in her vega station wagon if I recollect correctly. My first concert, my first taste of zz top, my first taste of a lot of things actually. We all slept in the car and went on to her dad’s hunting cabin the next day.

    • Elmo says:

      Thanks for your memories. Nice.
      And there was room for three in a Vega? Who knew???

    • Odgreen says:

      Not like Top? Good God Almighty! Who, in their right mind, could turn down a dose of Texas blues!? More!! Louder!!

  5. Andy says:

    I liked their old suff, but they lost me with Sharp Dressed Man.

  6. Sarthurk says:

    Thems My Boys! Ah the days driving to eastern Oregon to go shoot rats, jackrabbits, and whatever else was dumb enough to stay in the sights. In the old Land Cruiser with the stereo blasting “La Grange” and “Nationwide”, etc. Sitting by the campfire,with a bottle of Jack and a case of beer, eating grouse off the spit with the stereo blasting, wilst deer walk right up in the dark to check out the ZZ Top party in the middle nowhere on the Imnaha river. Fuk, I’m getting old.

  7. nonncom says:

    Just saw them last Friday in Clearwater at Ruth Eckard Hall….it occurred to me the first time was 46 years ago at Tampa Stadium, filling in for Billy Preston, who was in drug rehab….”Hello, we’re just a lil’ ol’ band from Texas”…..

  8. Harold Foster says:

    Love it! keep it coming….

    ZZ Top was the opening act in the Cotton Bowl for another band in 1973. One of the 2 times that I wanted the opening act to go on and didn’t care if I saw the headliner. The other time was when Stevie Ray Vaughan opened for the Moody Blues at Reunion arena — I think that was ’83. I wanted him to keep playing … he was the reason I went anyway…

  9. Alemaster says:

    “Mexican Blackbird!” Absolutely the coolest. regards, Alemaster

  10. wildbill says:

    ZZ in the 8-track, Schlitt’s between my thighs, girl friend sittin’ on the console beside me, cruisin’.

  11. warhorse says:

    I used to like ZZ Top until I found out that they don’t play live anymore. sure, they go on stage and go through the motions, but they’re not actually playing. it’s all tape.

  12. Kerry says:

    ZZ Top was banging around the Houston area way back then, when a local DJ here in Beaumont Tx arranged a big gig for them here. It was their first big deal. Al Caldwell is getting up in years, but he gets back stage passes for him and his son whenever they get back in the area. I’ve been to 3 of their concerts over the years myself. The ’74 Barnyard and BBQ in the UT football stadium mentioned earlier was the first. Sitting on the field in front of the stage, they were selling ounce bags of weed like it was peanuts at a baseball game.

  13. PhillipC says:

    Just saw them in concert in St. Augustine last Saturday. It was awesome. Took my brother. First time I’ve ever been able to do that for him. I’m the baby of the family, he’s about ten years older than me. (I’m 47) We’ve always lived in different states or I’ve been broke. It was nice to do something that we both enjoyed like that.

  14. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    Saw Lynyrd Skynyrd and ZZ Top in Winston-Salem NC 1975, that concert was awesome, I swear they must have played for 24 hrs, or maybe I was a bit fukd up.

  15. Fred says:

    Where we used to live, the county let people name private roads.

    Our neighbor who was the first one to build a house on that road was a huge fan – so our address was ZZ Top Drive.

  16. Sedition says:

    7’s? You can get away with that using a slide, but if you bend more than half a step a lot or use a floating trem, those fuckers are poppin’.

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