A helping hand if you can

From Leaperman:

A friend of ours has passed away. Tom Kratman alerted us about it. What makes it especially bad is that his wife passed away a few days earlier, leaving their disabled daughter behind.

Ken, I know you don’t know these people but could you post the gofundme link in one of your blogs?


P.S. Here is some of what Tom Kratman had to say about it in Baen’s Bar.

He was one of us, Army, Combat Engineer, vet of both Desert Storm and Just Cause.  He served for some years (albeit a bit later) just up the street from my own company, on Ft Kobbe, Panama.  ALso did a tour in Alaska and I vaguely recall Berlin.  If so, he’s the only vet I know of of all three specialty brigades from the Cold War.

He lost a most beloved wife four days ago, which, of course…  I’m going to break my politically driven abstention from church and go say a few words from me to a friend here shortly. 
AKA Mike Sayer.



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7 Responses to A helping hand if you can

  1. Ken,

    Thank you very much Sir!

  2. Gene says:


  3. Rurik says:

    Combat Engineer? Essayons! I’ll drop a few pennies in tomorrow morning.

  4. pyrrhus says:

    Donation sent, thank you.

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