An Open Letter To The Present Powers That Be

A group of us decided we were going to list the steps necessary to address some grievances that we (and pretty much most of the people I know) have with decisions that have been implemented in the name of “The People”. Some of the names at the bottom of the letter you might recognize. I did not come up with the idea or write the letter, but I am endorsing it as if I had. At this point I have a reluctant optimism, which is tempered by my understanding of the prevalent, greedy human nature in our government. I also understand that words are not deeds, and President-Elect Trump needs to “Show me” that his bold words are always followed through with honest deeds.

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2 Responses to An Open Letter To The Present Powers That Be

  1. James says:

    I read that yesterday,have been e-mailing others,putting on other sites ect.I say we have a e-mail campaign for Jan.21/perhaps a petition for the White House.I do not know whether Trump really going to try and do what he says or just sell us out to the reptilians,but,will give him a chance.While we have a large group with many of the same ideas lets work together and help the new POTUS if he willing to try and get things done,many will try and obstruct him at a minimum.Any here worked on setting up the White House petition thing,if so,would be glad for any pointers,have sunk me teeth into this and am going to push it far and wide.

  2. singlestack says:

    I signed it yesterday.

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